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Dear customers and those interested in our top escorts! We would like to welcome you to the homepage of our Escort Service, and we are very happy to tell you more about our services. Our most important principles are:

There are unfortunately many escort services that lack in these areas, although most claim that they uphold these important principles. For someone on the outside, it is difficult to recognise which Escortservice can be trusted – regardless of whether you apply to us or want to book an unforgettable experience. We therefore take all feedback that we receive very seriously, and we constantly work on adapting our services according to the wants and needs of our customers and our escort girls. There is a reason why we have been successful for so many years!

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Our escorts always aim to offer you an exciting experience that you will never forget. That means that our escort girls are not only gorgeous, but they are also intelligent, sophisticated and elegant. Our team consists of dedicated, part-time escorts, who particularly distinguish themselves from other escorts due to their attention to detail and their perfection. That means we can offer you only the best escort girls that you won’t find anywhere else. When you have a conversation with our customer advisors, you will notice immediately that you are in good hands. Our friendly staff will happily answer all questions you may have, and they will endeavour to satisfy all of your wishes and make all of your dreams become reality. Our advisors not only speak German and English but also Italian, Spanish and Russian, meaning it is very easy to speak to us and avoid any misunderstandings. It is very important to us that our escort service team is always friendly, open and competent, and so we train them by those standards.

Escort Service with many years’ experience

Our escort service has been working in Dusseldorf since 2010 and it offers services in the entire state of Northrhine-Westphalia (NRW). We not only concentrate on larger cities; we are able to offer our high-class service in almost any city. Examples of cities in which we offer our services include: Leverkusen, Erkrath, Dormagen, Hilden, Langenfeld, Mettmann, Dusseldorf, Krefeld, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Essen, Bonn, Cologne and Neuss.

Something else that we find important is honesty – both to you and to our escorts. That way, all of those involved know what they can expect and what exactly is being offered to them. There are several ways in which bookings can be made with us. One convenient method is sending a request by email. However, please be aware that this requires a little more notice, and we cannot always guarantee an immediate answer. We, therefore, recommend our competent support team that can offer you an answer straight away. That way, it is usually possible to help you at short notice. We believe that the advice you receive from us over the phone is more than a simple, idle hotline and that we can help you with true added value. Our escort service is not only well-reputed in Dusseldorf, but also further afield beyond the city borders. If you would like to call us, please use this number: +49 (0) 152 594 766 65. We are open at the following times:

Monday to Saturday: Between 11am and 3am
Sunday: Between 11am and 1am

Furthermore, you can also get in touch with us via Viber or Whatsapp. Normally it is possible to fulfil a request at short notice if you are unable to plan ahead. Contact us and we can see what we can do for you! Our escort service not only offer house visits and hotel visits, but also company in bars, restaurants, clubs and for all other kinds of events.

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Our team is young and fresh but still possesses the necessary competence to make you and your chosen escort as happy as can be. Our focus is on our hometown of Dusseldorf. If you book an escort in Dusseldorf, then there will be no extra travel costs for the escort. For bookings in other towns, we kindly ask you to get in touch with our escort service team. Regardless of what you have in mind, we and our dream escort girls will endeavour to make this become reality. Our elegant ladies can also accompany you to company events, business meals, the theatre or to other occasions – wherever you would like! You can rely on our absolute discretion, so you can truly enjoy the day or night. We offer all this on fair terms, as we want all parties in the arrangement to be happy. We would be delighted to welcome you as a new customer, so call us today!

The principles of our escort service

As we have already mentioned, there are several important principles that we always keep an eye on, because your satisfaction is our biggest requirement. In order to achieve this, we start with the selection of our escort girls – we go through a rigorous process when choosing our girls, and we only accept the best ladies. There are lots of factors that play an important role because looks alone are not everything. We make sure that all of our escort ladies offer you a high standard. Therefore, they are always prepared to make you look good in all situations. Regardless of whether you go for dinner or go to the cinema. If you would like, you can also have a long conversation with our escort ladies, as they are also able to adequately adjust themselves to any topic.

You can be 100% sure that all pictures of our escorts that you can see on our homepage are real. Furthermore, we guarantee that all pictures are up-to-date. That way, you can get an honest and genuine impression of all our girls and pick your favourite. Compared to other escort agencies, we make sure that all of our pictures are natural-looking and that our escorts only wear a subtle amount of make-up. This may mean that they appear a little less radiant, but because of that, you will get a more realistic impression, and it avoids any chance of you being disappointed when meeting up with your chosen escort.

It is in our interest that you always come back to our services. It is therefore very important to us that you are always satisfied. If you ever, for any reason, are not happy with our services, then we kindly ask you to get in touch with us. We will endeavour to help you as quickly and as efficiently as we can. We recruit escorts exclusively from in the area. That way, it is possible for us to personally choose and supervise our ladies. We therefore always have the possibility to step in on a regular basis to ensure the quality of our services. The voices of our models are also taken into consideration when recruiting. We review all of our candidates regularly, meaning we can offer the best service we can.

Use our escort service again and again

Reliability is, of course, a basic requirement, so that there is mutual trust between you and us. Only when you completely trust as can we offer you a really high-quality escort service. We make everything available to you so that you can objectively assess us. Honesty also plays an important role. As we have already explained, this begins right at the start when we choose our escorts, and this continues right up to the photos and the information that we offer you about our ladies. Confidentiality is very important to us. Our escorts know exactly how to make their way to you, as well as leave you, in a discreet manner. That way, we can guarantee that you will not regret having chosen our services. Top service is our spearhead. That’s why we belong to the most popular agencies in North Rhine-Westphalia – and for many years, too! We have many customers that always enjoy booking our escort services time and time again. An optimal balance of price and quality of service is another thing that we have an advantage over. We offer you high-class escorts at an affordable price, because, at the end of the day, we want you to have fun without having to worry about whether you can afford the services or not.

Escorts to suit all tastes and preferences

On our website, you can find detailed descriptions and a large number of photos of each individual escort that we offer. We not only offer ladies that can speak perfect German but also ones that can speak other languages. That helps get rid of any initial communication worries so that you can focus on making the evening extra special. On each overview page of our ladies, you can find additional information about their sexual preferences, the towns in which they like to be hired, as well as a detailed description. You can even find out their favourite perfume, in case you would like to treat the escort of your choice at the start of your date. These detailed Set Cards offer you the possibility to get to know and assess our ladies in advance – because, at the end of the day, the understanding between you and our escort is the true decider of how successful the evening will be. Our selection of ladies covers a wide spectrum – from the elegant lady to the femme fatale; from a dark horse to a fiery volcano; from brunettes escorts to blondes escorts – up until now, we have been able to offer each and every customer an escort that perfectly fits their needs. So, don’t be shy – let us know what you want in a girl and book your dream escort with us!

The process of finding and booking an Escort

We offer you the possibility to book an escort for both hotel visits and house visits, as well as for accompanying you in a restaurant or bar. Some of our ladies don’t offer in-call visits. This information is found directly in the Set Cards. If you would like one of our escorts to visit you at home, you need to give us a landline number at which we can reach you. If that isn’t possible, we require a copy of a utility bill (electricity/telephone/gas) via Whatsapp or via email. This is just so we can ensure the safety of our customers and our escorts, and also confirm your booking. For hotel visits, we need the name of the hotel you are staying in, as well as your hotel number. We also need your surname for a confirmation and we will briefly call you on your room phone to confirm the booking. If you would like one of our escorts to accompany you at an event, then the meeting point should still be at a hotel or at a private property. Furthermore, the meeting must be confirmed in advance. It is not possible for our escorts to meet you directly on the street, in a restaurant or in a car.

Our Escort Service cover a number of different cities

Escort Dusseldorf

Escort Service Dusseldorf, Escorts Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is the headquarters of our escort service, which is why you can book our ladies here without any extra travel costs. This also applies in some circumstances to the wider area of Dusseldorf, so we kindly ask you to call our customer services for more details. Our customer services can also give you insider tips on nice hotels, great bars, and other localities that Dusseldorf has to offer, so you can dive right into the nightlife with the escort of your choice. The best way to book a sensual adventure with your dream woman is to call us directly!… read more about Escort Dusseldorf

Escort Leverkusen

Escort Service Leverkusen, Escorts Leverkusen

There is a lot that you can experience with your escort where the Wupper meets the Rhine. And we’re not only talking about an erotic adventure, but also first-class art and culture. We know that the starting point of a wonderful evening doesn’t always have to be a classic trip to a restaurant. A fantastic theatre performance or a visit to a gallery can also be a great basis for conversation with your escort Leverkusen. What comes next is up to you, so don’t hesitate – get in touch with us!… read more about Escort Leverkusen

Escort Erkrath

Escort Erkrath, Escort Service Erkrath

Erkrath lies near the state capital of Dusseldorf and is famous, among others, for its fascinating nature park “Neandertal”. We know of some visitors that have not only fallen in love with the city itself but also with our escorts. Regardless of whether you are planning a trip to the observatory with the lady of your choice, or want to get right to the dirty business, we are sure that, at the end of the evening, you will be very happy with our ladies. Book a date with one of our escorts Erkrath today!… read more about Escort Erkrath

Escort Dormagen

Escort Dormage, Escort Service Dormagen

Dormagen lies between the two wonderful metropolises, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Here, there is a vibrant nightlife that our escorts are ready to dive into with you. Just be aware that you may get one or two envious glances whilst dancing up close and personal to your dream woman on the dance floor. Make your fantasies become reality and give us a call today!… read more about Escort Dormagen

Escort Hilden

Escort Service Hilden, Escorts Hilden

We also offer the most beautiful girls you can imagine in Hilden. Their aim is to read each and every wish from your eyes and make sure that these wishes become reality! In this city, in the district of Mettmann, there are many fascinating exhibitions that your escort is willing to visit with you. The range of restaurants here also has a surprise or two up its sleeves. We will happily advise you when you get in touch with our escort service…. read more about Escort Hilden

Escort Langenfeld

Escorts in Langenfeld, Escort Service Langenfeld

Carnival isn’t the only thing that has a long tradition in Langenfeld. As you know, still water can run deep, and our top escorts will convince you that you have made the right decision for an erotic adventure. With the escort model of your choice, the city can become your own personal playing field. Book an escort with us for your stay in Langenfeld today!… read more about Escort Langenfeld

Escort Mettmann

Escorts in Mettmann, Escort Service Mettmann

Samba in Mettmann is a film by Hape Kerkeling, which everybody has seen. However, this ode to the city can’t describe the excitement you will experience here with our high-class escorts. Sit back, grab your phone, and order your completely personal adventure today…. read more about Escort Mettmann

Escort Krefeld

Escort Service Krefeld, Escort Krefeld

Krefeld lies between the cities Duisburg and Düsseldorf and the people there are quite special. But that’s nothing compared to what our escorts can offer you. Get ready to experience a whirlpool of sensuality and erotic and book your dream escort with us today!… read more about Escort Krefeld

Escort Oberhausen

Escort Service Oberhausen, Escort Oberhausen

You can admire the life of plants and animals in the Gasometer. One of our escorts will happily accompany you there in Oberhausen. Afterwards, you can try out one or two things that the animals in the exhibitions showed you. Don’t worry – our escorts are true masters in such things and will give you a sensual explosion. Let us convince you – call us today!… read more about Escort Oberhausen

Escort Duisburg

Escort Duisburg, Escort Service Duisburg

With around half a million civilians, Duisburg is one of the biggest cities in Germany. All the big names meet up in the clubs and bars. Experience the Duisburg nightlife yourself with your escort, and experience what it’s like to go on a bar and club crawl with a beautiful and intelligent woman. Treat yourself to time away from your day-to-day life and call us today!… read more about Escort Duisburg

Escort Bochum

Escort Bochum, Escort Service Bochum

In the heart of the Ruhr region lies the city of Bochum, which was praised by Herbert Grönemeyer. It may not be the most beautiful community in Germany, but it certainly has a lot to offer. Our escorts know Bochum like the back of their hands, and they will take you to places that you would have otherwise never set your eyes on. Book your erotic tour guide with us today!… read more about Escort Bochum

Escort Wuppertal

Escort Wuppertal, Escort Service Wuppertal

The list of sights and attractions in this city is endless, so you are sure to find somewhere that is to your and your escort girl tastes. We recommend both the zoo and the sculpture garden. After you have flattered your spirit, you can indulge yourself in your animal instincts. Book your perfect, sensual adventure with us today!… read more about Escort Wuppertal

Escort Essen

Essen belongs to one of the most popular cities for conventions in Germany. It’s no wonder that the demand for high quality escorts is particularly high! We are happy to tell you that we are also able to offer you our ladies in this city if you are willing to pay the necessary travel costs. We would be delighted to speak to you about reserving one of the best escorts in Essen!… read more about Escort Essen

Escort Bonn

Escort Service Bonn, Escorts Bonn

The former capital of the federal republic of Germany may come across a little placid at first, but in reality, there are numerous ways of experiencing something special here. There are lots of galleries, theatres, museums, and events, that are all one-of-a-kind. Our team is happy to help you not only find the best escort in Bonn, but also with choosing a hotel, restaurant or bar. Why not try us out and get in touch today?… read more about Escort Bonn

Escort Cologne

Escort Cologne, Escort Service Cologne

Cologne is the most famous metropolis in the Rhineland. Those who don’t have fun here should really get some help! Our escorts can show you many brilliant places in Cologne, and they are looking forward to pushing the boat out with you. Compared to other smaller cities, Cologne offers you and your escort the biggest opportunities to truly paint the town red. Grab your phone and call us today!… read more about Escort Cologne

Escort Neuss

The best festival that you can experience with our escorts in Neuss is the traditional citizen marksmen’s festival (Bürger-Schützenfest). The city is also one of the oldest in Germany, with a history of over 2000 years. But that does not mean that you’ll get bored here – our hot ladies will see to that. We can also arrange a particularly hot meeting with two escorts for you if you give us a call…. read more about Escort Neuss