Your sexy Escort Girl

My name is Michelle and I can be your sexy escort girl, if you decide that I’m the perfect girl for you. So what makes me special? Well, apart from the fact that I’m sexy, both in terms of looks and personality, but I just love spoiling my clients as much as I can by treating them in a variety of different ways. But what exactly do I love doing with them? Well, let me give you a little taster…

A drink at a bar is always a good choice to start off a night of passion. I can show you my favourite locations in the city I come and visit you in (that is, if I know the city well) or you can show me your favourite places, or maybe let me know which places you have always wanted to check out but never had the right company to do so with. Now that you have your very own sexy call-girl, you can go wherever you want, and you can be sure that people will give you jealous looks regardless of where we go together – from bars and concerts, to clubs, the cinema and more. Just don’t pay attention to them – they are only jealous because they know what we might get up to later…

We could also go for a romantic meal, just the two of us – you and your sexy model. There, we can get to know each other, share a bottle of wine or champagne, and enjoy some delicious food (let me know if you need any recommendations of place). What I find interesting about going on a meal with a guy is that it gives you both the opportunity to be honest with each and get to know each other, without any pressure of anyone else or even pressure of being closed in the same room together. I’m a fountain of knowledge when it comes to conversations – let’s talk about politics, sport, the weather, or even what we’re going to get up to after we’ve finished dessert (but let’s not talk too loud in public about the latter…).

And then comes option three of things to do with a sexy escort girl such as myself – take her to your hotel room. You can either ask me to come straight away to your hotel room, that is, that’s where we can meet for the first time. Or, if you would rather we get to know each other beforehand, we can go for a drink, go to a meal, or whatever else as mentioned above, and then head to your hotel room to share some rather intimate moments with each other. Just you want until I get started in the bedroom – you will not regret having chosen this hot and sexy girl to spend the night with you, that’s for sure.

When it comes to which cities I can visit, then Northrhine Westphalia is the easiest for me as I live there – so that’s places like Duesseldorf and Essen. Of course, if I can, I will come and visit you in any other major city in Germany or even in Europe. Just make sure you contact the Escort Service soon to hire me because I am quite popular – you wouldn’t want to miss your chance with me!
See you very soon!


Your tall Escort Girl

Hi there handsome, thanks for visiting my page! My name is Victoria. If you’re looking for a gorgeous tall escort girl to spend some precious time with, then why don’t you consider me to be that tall escort girl? We can either go for a meal, head out for some drinks, go to a special event, or just meet in your hotel room. Let me go into a bit more detail to help you make a decision…

Together with a tall girl by your side, you can go to a special event in your city, from movie premieres and art exhibitions, to the Formula One or a concert. Whatever it is you want to do with a gorgeous tall model by your side, I will be happy to comply and make you a happy man! We could go and see the latest blockbuster hit in a local cinema or go and check out a fantastic art gallery together. I don’t mind! You just let me know what will make you happy, and this tall escort girl will be happy to accompany you every step of the way.

Or how about if we go for a meal in a restaurant? We could have some delicious food, drink some tasty drinks (I’m personally a big fan of wine!) and get to know each other in a cool and calm atmosphere. We could even be cheeky and treat ourselves to a dessert! And if that doesn’t fulfil our sweet wishes, then keep on reading to see what else we could do… So imagine we’ve had a delicious meal or we’ve been to a fantastic place. How could we finish the evening? Well, if you want, we could head back to your hotel room for a bit of quiet time between just the two of us. We can get as intimate as you want. I can give you a sexy massage, dance or sing for you, and we could hire some drinks to the hotel room to make sure the fun keeps flowing, if you want. You can let me know all of your wildest dreams and fantasies, and I can help those dreams come true. Would you like to have some fun with a tall call-girl? Then you definitely need to book me so we can enjoy some time together behind closed doors! I also love trying out new things in the bedroom, so let me know what turns you on and I’ll give it my best shot. I could also teach you a thing or two. Just ask…

So, do you want to spend some time with a gorgeous tall escort girl? Then there’s only one thing you need to do now – get in touch with the Escort Service and ask for me, Victoria, to come and visit you wherever you are. I can come and visit you in most major German cities, including cities in Northrhine Westfalia like Cologne and Duesseldorf. Furthermore, I can also come and see you in major cities in Europe! Just ask the Escort Service if the city you’re in is included.
Looking forward to meeting you personally!


Incall Escort Girl

Fancy hiring an incall escort girl all for yourself? Well, you may have found the right girl for you. Nice to meet you – my name is Monika. By “incall”, I mean that you can come and visit me instead of the traditional “outcall” where the girl comes to see you. So if you don’t have a nice place for me to come and visit you at, then why don’t you come and see me at my place for a bit of fun?

So, you can come and visit me in the city of Duesseldorf and we can take things from the moment you enter my apartment. Perhaps you first one to get to know each other a little bit before we move things over to the bedroom? If that’s the case, we could get some food delivered – I’ll let you decide what kind of food we order for delivery – and just sit and have a chat with a glass of wine or some beer. You’ll find that as an incall escort girl, I’m used to having cute guys in my apartment, so I won’t be shy at all. I want you to feel safe and comfortable at my place, so just let me know how I can make your stay that little bit more enjoyable and I will be happy to comply.

We could always go for a walk, too, if that’s what you fancy. Just around the block – get a bit of fresh air before we move things on to the bedroom in my apartment. Just let me know and, as I said, I am happy to comply with your every need and wish! So then comes the exciting part – time to have a bit of fun with me, your very own incall call-girl, in her very own apartment. Tell me what you want me to do. Do you want me to dance for you? Then I will. Do you like hot, sensual massages in the bedroom? So do I! So let’s do it. I’m happy to go as far as you want to go in the bedroom (well, within reason of course!). Just tell me in advance what you have planned and I will make sure I am ready for any surprises you might spring up on me.

So, do you think an incall escort girl is the perfect choice for you? Great! Call up the Escort Service to get me booked, and then you can come and visit me at the allocated time slot you ask for. Just be careful, I am surprisingly popular, so make sure you book enough in advance so you are not disappointed if you find out I can’t have you round at my apartment on the same day or something like that – that would be terrible! So book in advance to make sure you can definitely spend some time with me!
So, I’ll get the beers in and the take-out menus ready. All you need to do is book. See you soon!


Your young Escort Girl

Looking for a hot, young escort girl? Then you have come across to the right page, I can tell you! You can call me Carolina and I’m a sexy young call-girl ready to have some fun with you. But what can we get up to together, you may ask yourself? Read on to find out what I like doing with a guy like you…

One thing I most certainly enjoy doing with a guy like you is going to his hotel room to spend a bit of quality guy with him. Many of my customers have told me they love having a hot young call-girl like me keeping them company in their hotel room. I’ve done a few new things with guys so I’ve learnt a lot. I’m willing to teach you a trick or two or let you teach me some of your tricks. After all, I am only a young escort girl so I don’t have that much experience – you’re going to have to teach me how to do things right in the bedroom!

We could also go for a meal, perhaps in a posh restaurant or in a more calm and casual place like a burger place or something like that. I’m not fussy when it comes to food, so I’ll let you decide where we can go for lunch or dinner. I find having food with a guy helps break the ice in a calm and cool atmosphere, where there’s no pressure of being in a room just the two of us. So why don’t we go for some food if you’re up for it?
Of course, we don’t just have to go for lunch or dinner to break the ice between us. We could also go to a local event in the city I come to visit you in. We could catch a movie at a local cinema or perhaps we could even go and check out some cool art exhibitions at local museums and galleries. I’m also happy to go shopping with you, go to movie premieres, the Formula One, a concert… heck, we could even just paint the town red with drinks in a bar and then dance the night away at a nightclub! As for the type of music I like – I’m open to everything! I like the 90s (well, I am a young girl after all!) but I’m happy with whatever you like, too!

If I have ticked all your boxes when it comes to what you look for in a young escort girl, then don’t hesitate and get in touch with the Escort Service to get me booked! As to where I can come and meet you… well, I’m pretty open there! For spontaneous bookings, cities in Northrhine Westfalia (like Duesseldorf, Cologne, Essen and Wuppertal) are the best, as I live in that area. However, I can also come and see you in any major city in Germany, or even Europe!
So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and call the Agency so we can have some fun together!


Brunette Escort Girl

Well hi there! My name is Simone. Welcome to my page! Rest assured, you have found the right girl if you’re looking for a hot date with a cute brunette escort girl. Although I’m located in Duesseldorf, I’m also happy to come and visit you in any place in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia.

We all know many men love a hot brunette escort girl, so let me tell you why I would be the perfect brunette companion for you. Firstly, I love going to hotel rooms to have intimate one-on-one sessions with guys like you. Have you had a tough day in the office? Perhaps you’ve had a long trip to your hotel and need some chill time? After all, all that working and travelling can get so tiresome! So let this sexy brunette girl sort you out with a massage or two. We could always order a bottle of champagne to the room to get the juices flowing, if you know what I mean…

Perhaps you don’t fancy staying in the hotel. That’s also fine by me! We could go for an intimate candlelit dinner at a restaurant of your choosing, or I can give you some suggestions if you’re new to the area and want to treat me to my favourite food. There’s nothing better than sitting and chatting over a bottle of wine about everything and anything. Are you more into intellectual conversations? Then I will have an intellectual conversation with you. Or how about a more chilled conversation with laughter? Then I will make them happen just for you. Maybe after dessert you could take me, your cute brunette call-girl, back to your hotel to carry the night on? I would be very happy to do so.

Not only do I enjoy dinner dates, but I can be your brunette escort girl by your side at big events, including movie premieres, the opera, a concert, an art gallery… you name it, I will be by your side! Or we could go partying at one of the biggest and craziest nightclubs. Just you wait until you walk into the club with a hot brunette escort model by your side. People won’t be able to stop staring! And that’s when you know you have made the right choice picking this sexy brunette escort girl – I won’t disappoint! Did I mention I’m a good dancer? People have told me I’m quite sensual and sexual when I get dancing next to a guy. Maybe I can dance with you to see what you think?

When it comes to things in the bedroom, here are a few things I like: Bisexual, COB, Couples, DFK, Duo With Girls, FK, GFE, Massage, and Parties / Party Girl… So, do we have a match? If you’re ready to meet me to have the time of your life, then get in touch with the Escort Service and ask to meet your brunette escort girl. I’m happy to come and meet you in a variety of places, including Duesseldorf, Essen, Cologne, or in any other major city in Germany, and even Europe!
Can’t wait to meet you!


Your slim escort girl

Welcome to my page. Emma is my name and I’m the hottest slim escort girl around! I can come and visit you in major cities in Germany, such as Cologne, Duesseldorf, Wuppertal and Essen. I could even visit you in a major city in Europe! But if you were to hire me, what should you expect from me? Well, keep on reading to find out how you can spend some quality time with a slim and sexy girl.

Some men like to start things off with a nice meal in a restaurant. If that’s your way to get things started, then count me in! We could visit one of the fanciest restaurants in the city, or even go to a calmer place if that’s more your thing. Whatever kind of place you decide to go to for dinner with me, your slim call-girl, I will make sure I dress for the right occasion. Fancy somewhere fancy? Then I’ll slip on a sleek and elegant dress. Perhaps something more casual? Then I’ll dress to impress, but not go overboard with the outfit! So let me know where you want to go and I’ll be there!

Of course, some men want a bit of kinky action only. And that, my friend, is absolutely fine with me. So let me know where your hotel is and I’ll come and see you, completely discreetly, for a bit of one-to-one fun. Of course, we don’t have to get straight into it. You could have this beautiful slim girl dance for you, give you a massage, feed you strawberries… Whatever floats your boat and gets you ready for some fun, I will do – you just need to be open about it and communicate your every wish to me.

If the above two options don’t sound like what you’re looking for, then that’s fine – we could also head to an event together, hand in hand, and let everybody stare at us and be jealous of you and your hot slim escort girl. By “events” I mean cinema, art galleries, shopping, Formula One, movie premieres… whatever it is you want to do, I, your slim companion, will be with you right by your side. I hope you can put up with the jealous looks from other people – because you’re going to get a lot of those with me by your side…

After the event, we could call it a night and make our way home separately, or we could head for a meal, or just head straight to your hotel room for a bit of fun. We can see what the mood is like between us when the night draws to a close…
Thought ab, ut it? Of course you have – and you want a hot slim escort girl to accompany you, don’t you? Just get in touch with the Escort Service and ask for me, and I will make myself look beautiful for you. Remember, I can come to pretty much any major city in Germany or Europe. So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun together!


Your porn-star escort girl

Hello everyone. My name is Eva and I am a porn-star escort girl. Yes, you read that right – porn-star! I can be hired to make any man’s (or woman’s!) dreams comes true. I can come and see you in any major city in Germany, particularly the ones in Northrhine Westphalia (so we’re talking Duesseldorf, Cologne, Essen… places like that). That’s because I live around there. So, what can you get up to with your very own porn-star escort girl? Well…

To start things softly at a light pace, we could go for a drink or two in a nice bar or café. There are plenty of places to choose from, especially in big places like Cologne and Duesseldorf, so where do you fancy going? Mine will be a red wine, by the way! Or, what we could also do is go to the cinema and see the latest blockbuster! We could share popcorn and it might start the night off quite nicely as we’ll definitely have something to talk about afterwards (though I have an array of things I love talking about, so I can get the conversation started if you have trouble, don’t worry). Furthermore, trips to the museum, concerts, clubs, things like that, are very much welcome with me! So what do you fancy doing? We could even go for a walk in the park or along the Rhine. What do you think?

I also absolutely love going for meals. I’m not picky when it comes to food either. Italian, Thai, German, Turkish… you name it, I’m sure to love it! So I’ll let you decide where we go to if you decide that we should go for a meal to get the night started. Just don’t get too distracted by the jealous looks everyone gives you and your porn-star call-girl.

I have another idea about what we can get up together… how about you let me know your hotel name and room number and I come and discreetly see you in your room? Then we don’t need to worry about our animal inhibitions in public with lots of people around us. Instead, we can get to behind closed doors without worrying about anybody seeing or catching us. I just love giving massages, dancing, walking around in just my lingerie, trying out new things… got some things you like doing in the bedroom? Then let me know and we can maybe work something out to a certain limit. Or I can show you what I like doing – and I swear to you, you will not be disappointed. Just you wait until I get a hold of you!
It’s time to call the Escort Service and ask for me, your very own porn-star escort girl! As I wrote above, I can come to any major German city. I could also come to any major city in European within reason – but, obviously, the closer you are to me (in Northrhine Westphalia), the quicker I can to you.
I really can’t wait to meet you and have some fun with you!


Your pretty Escort Girl

Hello and welcome to the page of a very special and pretty escort girl. I mean, I don’t mean to rub it in, but I’ve been told I’m one of the prettiest girls some guys have ever had. I’m cute and pretty all at the same time – and I don’t just mean that with my looks, but also my personality and what I can get up to behind closed bedroom doors, if you know what I mean.

So do you want to have a cute and pretty call-girl come and visit you in your hotel room or your office? Why don’t you choose me? First things first – I’m very easy to get along with. I just love good conversations, intelligent and intellectual men, and it interests me to hear about stories that other people have. So what’s your story? Are you from Germany or somewhere else? What brings you here? Of course, some men like to skip the chit-chat and get straight down to business. And although I look all innocent, being a pretty escort girl and all, I do also love to get straight to action, avoiding conversation where possible. So all you need to do is tell me what you want me to do – listen to you, or do other things to you… and I am happy to comply to my master…

If you are not keen on me coming straight to your hotel room or office at the first meeting, then we can always head out and about in the city you are in. Maybe we could go for a drink in a local bar, go to the cinema to see one of the latest films, go to the museum to see some interesting new art exhibitions… I’m up for anything really! From crazy concerts to calm cafes – you can count me in! Because, at the end of the day, I’m here to make you happy. And if you are happy, then of course, I am happy to be your pretty female companion. So what will it be?

Something that a lot of guys choose to do with a pretty escort girl like myself is to go for dinner. That way, we can get to know each other in a calm environment whilst enjoying some local cuisines. From German and Italian food, to Thai, Indian, Vietnamese… I love all kinds of foods! If you’re not sure on where to go for dinner with me, you can always ask me and, if I know the city well, I could recommend a few places for us to go to. From fancy 5-star menus to calmer and more casual restaurants, I am happy to go wherever you want to go.
So, have I passed the test of becoming your pretty model? Do you think I can be your pretty escort girl tonight? Then call the Escort Service and book me! I can come and visit you in Cologne, Duesseldorf, Essen… or really any major city in Germany or even in Europe within reason.
See you soon, cutie!


Your Party Escort Girl

My name is Isabelle and I’m one of Germany’s hottest party escort girl. From parties in a huge nightclub to parties in the bedroom – you are sure to have some fun if you book me to spend some time with you in your area. Sound interesting? Then carry on reading to find out a little more about me – your soon-to-be party escort girl!

Let’s start with the big picture. Are you a guy who loves to the party the night away in a bar or club? Then let’s go together! You won’t believe the faces of other people when we walk side by side into the bar or club. They will be completely jealous of your hot party call-girl who will be right by your side for the whole night. We can party the night away, dancing side by side, getting nice and hot and sweaty. Let me show you my dance moves. I’ve been told they’re quite sexual! And after we’ve had a good time dancing, who said the fun has to stop? We could head to your hotel room to carry on the partying, just the two of us.

And that brings me to hotel visits – you can hire me to come to your hotel room, completely discreet. So if you don’t fancy going out partying with this cute party escort girl, then we can have the party just between us with a few drinks in your hotel room! That way, nobody will be able to see the things we can up to together. I can show your my sexual and hot dance moves behind closed doors, and trust me – they can get pretty sexual when nobody else is looking… Just let me know what you want, and I will give it to you.

Oh, and one other thing I want to mention: If you want a hot party escort model but aren’t keen on meeting in your hotel room, nor are you keen on partying in a big club, then why not take me on a romantic date to a fancy restaurant in the city you’re staying in? That way, we can get to know each other without any pressure. We can order some drinks, have some delicious food, and talk about politics, art, history… anything you want, I’m happy to comply! Maybe then we can see if there is definitely chemistry between us, and if we want to we could then head back to your hotel room to have a bit of fun. Just imagine – a hot party girl escort right by your side in a fancy restaurant. What could be better?

So now that you’ve got to know a little about me, you should contact the Escort Service and ask for me to come, so we can spend some time together in a club, restaurant, or even just in your hotel room. I’m happy to travel to you and can come and see you in the majority of the main cities in Germany, including those in Northrhine Westfalia, like Cologne, Wuppertal and Duesseldorf.
Let’s get ready to party the night away!


Your Dominatrix Escort Girl

Sit down, buckle up and get yourself ready – because this dominatrix call-girl is going to dominate like never before. I am Sarah and you need to stop looking right now if you are looking to be dominated by a dominatrix escort girl. I’ll control like however I want, wherever I want – and there’s nothing you can do about it. But first, a little about what we can get up to when you’ve finally booked me from this Escort Service:

If you’re afraid of being dominated straight away by me, then don’t worry your pretty little head. We can go for lunch or dinner first to test the waters. Though, being a dominatrix girl companion, I’ll choose where we go for food. I guess I’ll take your wishes in consideration though, if you behave. So if we go for a meal, we can see how good we get along. Don’t worry, I may be a dominatrix escort girl, but I won’t be embarrassing in public (not unless you want me to) and I’ll wait until we get back to the hotel room before my dominating side completely reveals itself.

Going for a meal isn’t the only thing we could do before we head to your hotel room. I love going shopping, but also going to the cinema and local museum exhibitions, so we could go and have a look at some of those. At least then we’ll have something specific to talk about, if you’re worried about sitting face to face with a hot dominatrix escort model over a meal. I would say not to worry and that I don’t bite, but my mother always said I shouldn’t tell lies…

After we’ve been for a meal or gone to a movie or whatever it is we go and do, we can then head back to your hotel room if you feel comfortable with me. Then I can really show you why they call me the hotel dominatrix escort girl in Germany! Before you know it, I’ll have you dominated and begging for mercy. But I don’t give up that easily. You better do everything that I say, or else you’ll be punished. And you wouldn’t want that now, would you? Good boy.

So if you are ready to be dominated by a dominatrix girl, then call the Agency right now before someone else books me. I may be dominating, but I’m flexible when it comes to where I come and meet you. I can travel to any major city in Germany or Europe within reason. I would especially appreciate it if we could meet in a major city in Northrhine Westfalia, such as Cologne or Duesseldorf. That’s easier for me to get to, and I can also be with you quickly. So you wouldn’t have to wait very long before I come and dominate you in the bedroom.
Call now and get ready to have the time of your life with me!