Your verbal erotic model

Hey there, you sexy man. Welcome to my page. I am called Rebecca and I am what you could call a verbal erotic escort girl. To find out exactly what that means, you are going to have to read a little bit more below. Let me tell you a few things I like doing with men such as yourself, starting from the nice and calm things and ending with the reason they call me a verbal erotic model.

Going to the cinema with a guy is something I enjoy doing. We can watch the latest blockbuster and then go for drinks afterwards to talk about the film. It gives us a common talking point so we won’t have any awkward silence – although, to be honest, I have been told many times that I am a good conversation starter, so you don’t have to worry about anything like that. I also enjoy doing other things with guys out and about, such as going for drinks in bars, going clubbing in nightclubs, going to museums, concerts… the list goes on and on!

One particular thing that I always enjoy doing with a guy when I first meet him is to go for dinner with him. So why don’t we go for some food together to break the ice? You can pick what kind of place we go to – we can share a bottle of wine or champagne and order some delicious food whilst talking about whatever you want to talk about. Perhaps during this meal, you might get a hint of why they call me a verbal erotic call-girl

So, what does it exactly mean to be a verbal erotic model? Well, basically, I love the use of my mouth during fun time with a guy. And I don’t necessarily just mean physically, but I also mean speaking – there’s nothing better than dirty talk during a sensual moment with a guy. From being cute and innocent, to being more tough and insulting, I can do it all and I love it all. Do you love talking whilst you’re having fun with a girl too? Maybe you like being insulted like a little slave by a tough woman such as myself. If that sounds like exactly the thing you are looking for in an escort girl, then you really don’t need to look any further – because you have found your perfect match right here on this page.

Call the Escort Service now to book me. I can come and see you in any major city in Germany or Europe, including cities like Duesseldorf, Cologne and Bonn. Just let the Escort Service know where I should come and meet you and what you would like to do with me – of course, you can ask for me to come straight to your hotel room to be verbally abused my your very own hot verbal erotic call-girl, or we can go for a drink or a meal beforehand to break the ice before the real fun begins…
I’ll be seeing you soon…