A guide to finding prostitutes in Duisburg

Hi there and welcome to this post about prostitutes and escorts in the wonderful city of Duisburg! First things first, a little about the city of Duisburg itself: Duisburg can be found in North Rhein-Westphalia, which is a state in Germany. Thankfully, in Germany prostitution is legal, which means places like brothels are completely allowed, and so you do not need to worry about doing anything illegal when looking for prostitutes in Duisburg or Germany as a while! Anyway, Duisburg has a population of around 500,000 people and is located near cities such as Duesseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westfalia, Essen, and Cologne, Germany’s fourth biggest city in terms of population. So let me tell you a bit about how and where to find some hot prostitutes and escorts in Duisburg if you are planning on going on a business trip or a personal trip in the near future…

The Red Light District in Duisburg

In Duisburg, there is one red light district which can be found on Vulkanstraße. Here you can find quite a few brothels with over 400 windows. In recent years, the district has also extended slightly around the cover to Charlottenstraße and Julius-Weber Straße. You can also find sex shops and nude bars in this area, which I will go into a bit more about in a moment.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a prostitute to have some fun within the red light district. You can expect to pay around 30 to 50 euros for a “fun” lasting around 15 minutes, but make sure you discuss and negotiate the price in advance before jumping into anything, as there may be some prostitutes who try and scam you by charging ridiculous prices for very small things. And you definitely don’t want that! Here is an interesting fact about the Duisburg red light district: it is one of the biggest red light districts in the whole of Germany! There are many customers and tourists who travel all over Germany to get to Duisburg and have some fun with one of the many prostitutes on offer. So if you are temporarily based in cities like Düsseldorf, Essen or Cologne, then I would definitely recommend taking a trip out to Duisburg to see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed, I can assure you!

The red light district, Vulkanstraße, is found in the south-west of the city. One easy way to find it is to look out for the tall chimney because the district is located near the Duisburg Stadtwerke power station. There is also the opportunity to take the underground (in German “U-Bahn”, line number U79) to the station “Platanenhof”. There are trams that go there as well (line 903). And from the stop, you walk for about 5 minutes until you get to Vulkanstraße, so it has a very good location in general.

Brothels in Duisburg

There are many brothels to choose from when visiting the city. You can choose from a variety of types, too. For example, there are standard brothels, as you would expect them – you go in, buy a drink, find a prostitute and go and have some fun with them in a dark room or take her back to your hotel room. There are also sauna clubs which, as you can expect from the name, offer saunas as well. FKK clubs, that is “Frei Körper Kultur” or “Free Body Culture”, are simply brothels, but the girls are completely naked, normally apart from footwear, and the lights are on normally and not dark and gloomy. That way you can check out all the prostitutes completely before making a decision on which you would like to have some fun with.

Here are a few examples of brothels in Duisburg:

Vulkanhaus, located at Vulkanstraße 17-19 in the red light district, is a huge brothel made up of two to three old buildings, meaning it is a huge place to get lost in and you can find hot babes everywhere. You pay 30 euros for 15 minutes with the prostitute of your choice.

Eros Center 26, located on Vulkanstraße 26 in the red light district, offers some damn sexy prostitutes for you to enjoy. You are looking at around 50 euros for “fun” and you have a nice selection of prostitutes to choose from.

Sex Palace, located around the corner from the red light district on 36-42 Julius-Weber-Straße, has several floors, but I recommend you ignore the top floor because there are some hot as hell prostitutes on the other floors! You are looking at around 50 euros for a 30-minute “fun” session, and often you are allowed to shower afterwards, too, meaning you can wash yourself off so nobody knows where you’ve been.

Strip clubs in the city

In Germany, do not expect the standard strip clubs that you see in the movies in America. Instead of just a drink and lap dance, strip clubs in Germany often end up seeing the guy take the prostitute into a private room or back to his hotel room for a “fun”, so it is pretty damn hardcore in Germany! Two really good strip clubs in the city are Nightclub Goldener Anker and Florida Table Dance Club. The first is on Unterstraße 73 and the second is on Marcatorstraße 68 which is just three minutes away from the main train station in Duisburg.

Escort Service Duisburg

So the above information might sound promising to you if you are looking for a quick session with a hot prostitute during your visit. On the other hand, maybe that all sounds a bit too quick for your liking, and you would rather be able to get to know a hot girl before you consider having sex with her. Sound like you? Then carry on reading!

Another option to have some fun with a girl, which may be the perfect option for you, is to hire an escort girl. With escorts, you can meet up and go for dinner to break the ice if that is something that you would prefer to do. You can go for drinks or whatever else whilst getting to know each other before taking her back to your hotel room for some one-on-one fun. Or, of course, you can just invite her directly to your room from the start…

Another advantage is that you can browse the escort girls in advance online, read information about her (such as her age as well as her sexual preferences) and be able to choose a girl in advance based on all of this – and then there is no chance of you being disappointed if you do not find the girls of your dreams in a brothel. Definitely, the best escort service I can recommend to you is Escort Service Duisburg. They have so many hot girls to choose from, so your perfect woman is bound to be in the selection. The people who work at Escort Service Duisburg are also really friendly and can help discuss which girls you would like to choose if you are struggling to choose, and they can also recommend places you can take your girl out to if you do not already have an idea on where to go with her.

So that is my big recommendation to you – Escort Service Duisburg! Perfect for those who prefer an escort to a prostitute! What are you waiting for? Hopefully, you have a good idea now where and what to do in Duisburg when it comes to prostitutes and escorts. There are so many opportunities that you are spoilt for choice, from brothels and strip clubs to beautiful escorts with Escort Service Duisburg. So what are you waiting for? Start researching and planning your visit to Duisburg! Hope you have an amazing time!