Erotic massage in Duisburg

Erotic massages in Duisburg

Located in the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany, Duisburg is a fairly large town with around 500,000 inhabitants and a lot to see and do. From the Duisburg Inner Harbour (the world’s largest, in fact), the Theater Duisburg and, of course, the famous River Rhine, there is plenty to see and do when you visit this picturesque town, such as on a quick getaway tourist weekend away. With 21 docks and as Germany’s 15th largest city, there is also a very good chance that you might find yourself going on a business trip to this pretty city.

Large choice of erotic massages in Duisburg

However, Duisburg perhaps isn’t the most well-known city in Germany, unlike Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich. That’s why we’ve written this little post to give you some ideas on what you can do when you’re lonely in Duisburg after a long, hard day of sightseeing or working. Of course, we could tell you about all the events and other entertainment places you can visit in Duisburg, but it is pretty easy to get such information from quickly searching online. The aim of this article is to give you some advice on erotic massages. That may seem like a blunt introduction – but why else are you on this page reading this text? Don’t worry – we know the desire and curiosity that comes along with the term ‘erotic massage’. In fact, did you know that such massages, sexual pleasure aside, are actually very beneficial for our bodies? Not only do they help loosen all of your tight and hardened muscles, such as your back, arms, and legs, but they also help you escape into a world of pleasure and relaxation as every inch of worry and stress leaves your body. That’s why you don’t even have to feel guilty about having such a sexual massage – it is healthy for your body and your mind, after all!

Erotic Massage Duisburg

Now, it may not be too obvious at first as to where you can go to get an erotic massage in Duisburg. You could have a look online and just take a stab in the dark and hope the 5-star reviews on Google are genuine. One example is Juwel der Sinne, found near the Duisburg-Hochfeld Süd train station on Paul-Esch-Straße 117. With some pretty decent reviews online, but a rather small selection of sexy girls to choose from, it could be fun to go there and enjoy the hands of one of their women. Another example of an erotic massage parlour in Duisburg is Salon Cora. It can be found very close to the central station in fact. Maybe that would tickle your fancy? However, it can be said that there is a problem with the above two massage parlours and, indeed, any erotic massage parlour in Duisburg. The problem is that you have to actually leave your flat or hotel room to get to them and receive an erotic massage. Because of that, you risk yourself getting caught by colleagues or somebody else you know as you try and slip away from the hotel to get to the parlour for a sexy massage. Imagine the embarrassment and awkwardness of trying to explain why you are leaving the hotel at 9 pm when you have an important work meeting the next month! And not to mention when you return to the hotel afterwards. If your hotel is located quite a long way away from your chosen erotic massage parlour, then you will probably get back very late. And the buses and trains don’t run all night! But, have no fair – such problems are something that the wonder that is the Escort Service Duisburg can solve, so carry on reading to find out more.

You see, our escort service offers a large array of the most stunning girls who can give you the best erotic massage you have ever experienced. But, where will the massage take place, you may ask? The answer to that is nice and simple – in your hotel room, behind closed doors. That’s right, the beautiful girl of your choice will make her way to your hotel room to give you an erotic massage of your choice (more on that below), meaning that nobody will catch you leaving the hotel to go somewhere else and you don’t even need to leave your room!

You might ask yourself straight away – surely the escort girl will be seen or will talk to somebody in the hotel, which will lead to people knowing why she is there and who she is visiting? That’s something you really don’t need to worry about. You see, the girls at the Escort Service know that confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance. Hence, when they enter the hotel building, they will not speak to anyone – neither the hotel staff at the reception desk nor another guest of the hotel. If the sexy woman you choose does get spoken to, she will pretend that she’s a guest at the hotel. No matter what happens, nobody will find out that she is there to come and visit you in your hotel room as you wait to get touched all over during an erotic massage.

The girls are also used to erotic massage beginners. That is guys who have never had an erotic massage before. We know that it can be very nerve-wracking having a hot escort girl coming to visit you with her oils and magic hands to rub you down and massage away the stress and give you the ultimate pleasure that you have been dying for ages. She will make sure you feel nice and calm before the massage begins. But, don’t worry – as soon as her hands start caressing your body, all your nerves will fly away as you enter in that sexual heaven on cloud nine. As for the girls for themselves – you will be able to see for yourself on the website of Escort Service Duisburg that there are plenty of beautiful and stunning girls and women to choose from. If you love blondes, you will not be disappointed. But that also applies if you prefer a brunette or redhead. From the most gorgeous skinny girls to the most beautiful chubby girls, hot young girls to elegant older women, and everything in between – there is a good chance that you will find the girl of your dreams. Just make sure that you book enough in advance – we don’t want your dream girl to already have been hired by somebody else! That would be such a shame! As for the types of massages you can have, it depends on the girl you choose to a certain extent. Generally, you can expect to be able to choose a standard erotic massage with all the girls, which on average last 60 minutes. The girl will start softly and tenderly, touching you all over with her hands to start to wash away the stress and worries you might have after a long and hard day. Over time, she will try to get more sensual as you get more and more aroused by her touch. As an extra, you can also ask for a ‘happy end’ which means she will give you the ultimate sexual pleasure with her hands until you are satisfied. You know what we mean.

Sensual Massage Duisburg

There are other, more extravagant types of erotic massages that you can ask for, depending on the girl that you choose. Some girls give special bathtub massages. So if there is a big enough bathtub in your hotel room, she can lead you there and you can enjoy each other’s bodies in the bathtub as she caresses every inch of your body with her soft and tender hands. You can even get a more intimate body-to-body massage with some of the sexy ladies. That means she will start with her hands to begin building sexual tension between the two of you. Then, she will start using other parts of her bodies to rub herself on your body – beautiful friction that any man can only dream of until he has an erotic massage himself.
There are other extras you can ask for other than just a ‘happy end’. For example, some girls will offer a type of ‘happy end’, but instead of using her hands as is standard, she will use other parts of her body too, such as her mouth. If you are lucky enough, the girl that you decide to have rub herself all over you might even offer the whole package and will offer sex at the end of the massage – just check in advance if this is OK and make sure you add it on as an extra during your booking process, too.
At the end of the massage, if you want, the girl will simply say goodbye and leave. But, believe it or not, many of our clients enjoy it when his sexy escort stays with him for a while, even after the happy end, to cuddle and chat. It would only be polite to do so, of course! Some men claim that they feel a little vulnerable and shaken after the experience of an erotic massage with it being such a sexual wonderland. That’s why they enjoy it when the woman stays and caresses him a little more, allowing him to cool down after an hour of passion.
Well, that’s about it for the description of what Escort Service Duisburg offers. You can be really spoilt for choice with the service, with so many beautiful women to choose from and a nice variety of erotic massage types to choose from, too. Many clients, when coming back to us due to how happy they were with their experience, often choose another woman the second time round – no two women are the same, and it is amazing how unique and different an erotic massage can be from a different, beautiful lady. So if you have actually had an erotic massage with the service before, then why not choose a different girl this time round?
When you think you are ready and have chosen the sexy girl who will rub herself on you, and you have also decided on the type of massage you would like, as well as any extras you want to add on, then you just need to give the massage service a call. If you are a little unsure on the girl or massage type but know you definitely want to try it out as soon as tonight, then you can also ask the guys on the phone for some hints and tips depending on what your likes and dislikes are – they are happy to help and know that you want to have a perfect erotic massage. They have helped many clients in the past, so let them help you too if you need it.
Well, what are you waiting for? Give to our Escort Service a call now to book your sexy massage with a beautiful girl now! And, as we said above, if you are lucky enough then the girl you want to spend some time with might be free as soon as tonight – but don’t hesitate and get her booked as soon as you can to guarantee your sexy time with her!

Erotic Massage Essen

Erotic massages in Essen

Essen is a wonderful little city in the heart of North Rhein Westphalia in the west of Germany. The area is also quite industrial, so there is probably a very good chance that you will find yourself in or near the city on a business trip in the near future. Have you thought about what you want to do whilst you are in the area, other than work? With so much to see and do in both Essen and in the surrounding cities, such as Cologne and Düsseldorf, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your evening, after-work activities. Of course, you could be cultural and check out a museum or art gallery, or you could head to a fancy restaurant or a bar with your colleagues. But have you thought about having a bit of ‘me’ time? And with ‘me’ time, we actually don’t mean just completely by yourself. Erotic massages are becoming a big thing in this day and age, and that is why we think something like that is what you are secretly looking for, even if you just simply don’t know it yet.

Erotic Massage – increase your sexual performance

Erotic massages are great. Amazing, in fact. Not only do they give you the sexual pleasure you so long desire, but it has been found that they also have medicinal effects on your body. Your muscles are rubbed and the stress is released through the soft hands and body of a beautiful woman. It has even been said that erotic massages, due to the general teasing effect you get, can increase your sexual performance with girls back at home. You will be able to last longer and be able to please that special lady back home even more than you do so now. So you really shouldn’t have a guilty conscious when you decide to go get an erotic massage during your trip to Essen.

Massage Salon Essen

When it comes to erotic massages in Essen, you have a fair few choices on where you can go. One example is the obviously-named Erotikmassage Essen which can be found a little on the outskirts of the city. So if you happen to be in the eastern outskirts of Essen, then that place could be an option for you. A further possibility is AYANA – an erotic massage parlour located a lot more centrally. The reviews don’t seem bad online, as does the selection of girls on their website.

However, do you really want to be bothered about leaving your hotel room after a hard day at work to go and have an erotic massage? Sure, maybe the idea seems tempting. But then again, when the massage is over and done with, there is then also the trip back home in the cold. This is where we come into play – at Escort Service Essen we not only have the most stunning escort girls to choose from, but these beautiful and sexy ladies can also come right to your hotel room and massage you there, meaning you don’t even have to step foot out of the hotel to get the sexual sensation you have been looking for. Now, you might be panicking now – but, what if someone finds out about my visit from a sexy massage girl? You will be sharing your hotel with other colleagues, no doubt, so what if the girl speaks to somebody at reception and overhears that it is, in fact, who she is visiting? Well, that is where you need to stop worrying – our girls are specially trained and taught to not speak to anybody when they enter the hotel. They will arrive and go straight to your hotel room (after you have given us your hotel room number), and she will not speak to a single person on her way there. She will act as though she is just another guest at the hotel and will not raise any suspicion, especially from any sneaky colleagues who might tell others about your visit. So no need to worry about confidentiality and privacy – that is one of the most important things we cherish at our Escort Service.

Massage Girl

So, when you have made the right decision and have chosen to have a sensual erotic massage from a beautiful girl in the comfort of your own hotel room, then you need to first choose from our array of hot models. Each girl is unique and will give you a completely unique and wonderfully sensual experience, so even if you have already had an erotic massage with us before, then you should choose another girl and will be completely new and different to you. From blondes and brunettes, skinny and chubby, young and old, we will have the girl of your dreams who will be able to rub her beautiful body up and down you as you are laid down in the comfort of your own hotel bed. As for what kind of erotic massage you actually get – well, you can decide. There are a variety of kinds to choose from. You can go for a more standard wellness massage, where the hot girl will mainly use her hands to massage any stress and worries away and touch you in places that you have never been touched so sensually before. Of course, if you choose to do so as an extra, the massage can end in a beautiful happy end. If you’re not sure what that means – let’s just say you will be satisfied at the end of the massage…

For more extravagant massages, then maybe you would consider a full body massage. With this one, the girl will not only use her hands to satisfy parts of your body. As the name suggests, she will actually use her entire body to make you feel completely satisfied in your hotel room. From her hands and arms, legs and feet, stomach and back and… well, need we go on? We think you understand what we’re saying. Every part of her will touch every part of you… If you want to take things that little further and not just get some hand relief at the end, you can also add as an extra that you and the girl of your dreams go that little bit further with a more intense happy end and she will use her whole body to please you, not just her hands – if you know what we mean.

Book our massage escorts to your hotel room

If your hotel room has a big bathtub, then why not ask for a sensual bath erotic massage? Your girl will run the bath for you and bring some essences for the water to help calm and relax you. When you have both undressed in front of each other, you will be put into the bath by the hot chick as she gently caresses your body from top to bottom. Shortly after, she will join you in the bathtub and carry on her magic with her hands, lips, stomach, and other parts of her sexy body to make sure you have the time of your life – all whilst being in your hotel room and not having to worry about making your way back to your bed later that night with it being right in the next room.

Massage Escorts

Our escort girls only use the best massage oils which provide a nice, soft sensation that is sure to make any man or woman entertained and pleased throughout. If you want, the escort girl will also bring some scented candles or relaxing music to add to the atmosphere – all you have to do is ask (or have some yourself), and the hot girl of your dreams will come prepared to give you the best possible entertainment a man can get after a long, hard day at work.

If this is your first time having an erotic massage, whether with the Escort Service Essen or anywhere else, then one thing we do want to say to you is – it is OK to be nervous! We know the worrying feeling you might have if you have never experienced such an exciting thing before. You don’t know what to expect, and you don’t want to be embarrassing if something goes wrong during the massage. Well, our escort girls have had many first-time clients before, so they know exactly how to deal with it. They will make sure you feel completely calm and collected so you can truly enjoy the sensual adventure they are going to take you on.

“Happy End” Erotic Massage?

When the erotic massage finally comes to end, then the hot, naked girl stood over your vulnerable body is not going to leave you straight away (unless you want her to). She can, in fact, stay with your and comfort you as you let the excitement calm down and the atmosphere cools down as you slowly float down from cloud nine. You see, when you experience an orgasm at the end of an erotic massage, many men say they feel quite vulnerable and weak afterwards due to all of the excitement they have been put through. The sexy girl in your hotel room will stay with you, cuddle with you, and talk to you to put a nice touch to the end of the session.

Happy End Massage

What do you think? Do you think an erotic massage, after reading this, is something that you are longing for after a horrible and boring day at work? Can you not be bothered to actually leave your hotel room and you want a hot girl to come and see you directly at the hotel to give you the time of your life that you deserve? If so, all you need to do is to give Escort Service Essen a call. You need to tell them which girl you would like, what type of massage you would like and also about any extras (such as a happy end or full-body add on where the escort girl uses her entire body to give you pleasure). Then you, of course, need to say which hotel you are currently staying in, along with your hotel room number so that the girl can find you easily and doesn’t need to talk to anybody else in the hotel reception or anyone else on the way to your room. If you have any questions or queries about the erotic massages or the escort girls, feel free to ask on the phone and the guys are really friendly and will try and help you and give you advice where they can. So, what are you waiting for? Book your sexy erotic massage now before someone else hires the girl of your dreams!

Erotic Massage Dusseldorf

Erotic massages in Dusseldorf

Are you going to be in Dusseldorf and want to find a way to relax in a sexy environment without all the strings attached? Have you ever tried an erotic massage before? If not, we think this might just be the thing you are looking for to calm down after a hard day’s work on your business trip. But one problem is the question: Where to start? Sure, you can look online for nearby erotic massages, but we have done something unique to offer you here at the Escort Service Dusseldorf.
Erotic massages are not only good because, well, they are very sexual and intense and give a man such as yourself great pleasure, but did you know that they are also very medicinal? Sexy massages are great at relieving stress, and they can help heal and unwind your tired muscles. It can even boost your sexual stamina so that you can last longer when spending some time with another woman in your life.

The best erotic massage in Dusseldorf

Firstly – yes, it is possible to go to one of the massage parlours located in Dusseldorf. There are some really good ones, such as Temdesin found in the south of the city and Massage Lounge who in the area of Derendorf in Dusseldorf. Feel free to take a look online at some of these places to find out more about what they have to offer. However, although these places are good and so offer some great massages, there is one problem when going to places like this – you have to actually leave your apartment, flat or hotel room that you are staying in during your stay in Dusseldorf. What could be better than a personal, erotic massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel room? That is where we come in, and what we want to tell you a little bit more about.

Erotic Massage Düsseldorf

The thing is, as we also know, if you have had a long day at the job, then you probably really can’t be bothered to step foot out of your hotel room due to the stress and tiredness from the day. At Escort Service Dusseldorf, we have loads of hot babes who are happy and willing to come and see you in your hotel room and give you a personal massage – just the two of you, with no need to even leave your room (or even your bed, for that matter).

The first thing to do is to pick a girl who you want to come to visit you and give you the erotic massage. We have a beautiful array of gorgeous escort girls that it might actually be difficult to come to a decision straight away. Feel free to take a look at their profile pages and get to know a little about them – maybe you prefer blondes? Or tall escorts? Maybe you have a thing for Hispanic women? Whatever it is that you crave, we are sure to have the perfect lady for you. Just be sure that each woman is unique and can give the most wonderful, individual erotic massages you have ever had. So each lady is completely different. If you have already been one of our clients, why not try out another lady to see how she compares to your previous massage?

You may ask yourself what kind of erotic massages you can get. Well, even there the choice is plentiful. Now, if you are a newbie to the world of erotic massages, then maybe you are not too sure what to expect. Some people think erotic massages are a taboo subject, but that is really not the case – it is the perfect way for you to relax and have some fun with a sexy woman. What more could a man want in his own hotel room away from home? So, once you have chosen your girl, it is time to consider the massage that you would like. Our most popular massage is actually the standard one – the simple wellness massage, with a nice erotic twist. The girl of your choice will come to your hotel room – discreetly, of course (which you can read more about below) – prepared with all the equipment and materials ready to give you the perfect massage.

Erotic Massage in Dusseldorf

The session will actually begin with a completely non-sexual full-body massage. It would be rude to start immediately with the sexual stuff after all! The hot escort girl of your dreams will lay a towel down on your bed and ask you to lie down. She will then start to warm your skill with massage oil. Starting with your neck, back and shoulders, she will slowly rub away all the stress from your mind. She’ll make sure to massage away any tension in these areas of your body.

As the heat and sexual tension increases, so will the erotic massage. Bear in mind that there may be some calm and relaxing music playing and some scented candles or incense burning to help establish a calming vibe. Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of her hands…which will then lead to other parts of her body rubbing up and down you as you feel like you are in absolute heaven. So with time, your masseuse will be more and more intense – making you want more and more as you lay there helplessly seduced by her beautiful body all over you.

Book your Erotic Massage Appointment

One question you might ask yourself is: How sexual is the massage going to get? Is a happy ending guaranteed? Well, it is if you ask for it in the first place. If you want a happy end – which means you are relieved at the end with her hands or another “part” of her body – then you need to book it extra when you hire your masseuse. There is also such thing as a ‘full-service massage’ which, if you don’t know what that is, simply means you get to the go the whole way with your beautiful woman after she is finished caressing every inch of your body. You also need to book that in advance for an extra fee, too. It is definitely an extra that is often purchased by our customers, and we can understand why. Sounds good, huh?

Now, one thing you might be worried about is the fact that an unknown woman is coming to your Dusseldorf hotel room. Of course, she is beautiful – but what if she speaks to someone and they find out why she is visiting you in your hotel room? That is something that you certainly don’t have to worry about, the girls from our Escort Service are very discreet. You see, our girls are trained to not speak to anybody during her visit to you. If she is visiting you at your home because you have the house or flat to yourself, she will either take public transport or park her car away from your property to prevent raising any suspicious from nosey neighbours. Furthermore, if you want a girl to visit you in your hotel room, you can be assured that she will not speak to anybody as she enters the hotel and makes her way to your room. She will definitely not speak to anybody at reception and will just pretend she is another guest at the hotel. That is why we need to know your hotel room number in advance during the booking – so that the woman of your dreams can come to you directly without any complications. There will also be no signs of the fact you have hired an escort for an erotic massage in the bank statement, and we will delete your details when your appointment. It will be as though you never even contacted us.

Enjoy lashings of pleasure

One thing we always like to say too is that it is OK to be nervous, especially if it is your first time experiencing an erotic massage. It can be something that is very nerve-wracking but rest assured you have nothing to be worrying about. Our girls are professionally trained and know how to calm you down and make you feel completely comfortable. In fact, our hot girls are used to first-timers like yourself, so they are not expecting anybody with lots of experience. You could even buy a bottle of wine or some beer in advance to help calm the nerves if you think that would help.

When the erotic massage is over with, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the session is over and that the masseuse will leave you alone. If you want, she can stay with you for a little while as you feel like you are on cloud nine. She can cuddle up to you and keep you warm after you experience heaven in her hands. You see, many clients who have never had an erotic massage before telling us that they feel a strange sensation after being relieved – a feeling of bliss, yet vulnerability. So your own personal erotic masseuse will cuddle with you to calm you down after an hour of intensity.

erotic massage girl

As for other types of massages, it depends on the girl. Some of our girls can give you relaxing massages in the bathtub if your hotel room has one, and you can even hire two of the beautiful girls at the same time if you are looking for an extra pair of hands to give you the ultimate pleasure. So, what do you think? Are you a first-timer who wants to try out an erotic massage with a sexy and young escort girl? Or perhaps you’ve had many erotic massages in the past and you want to try a new one with one of our sexy escorts. Either way, we are happy to help you select the woman of your dreams, as well as the type of massage you would like. Just give us a call and tell us which woman you would like, or what kind of woman you imagine and we will help you find the perfect match. Please note that the sooner you hire, the better, because if you book very last minute then there is a chance that the lady of your choice has already been booked by somebody else – and that would be a great shame! We look forward to receiving your call and thank you for considering having an erotic massage with one of our beautiful girls from Dusseldorf Girls Escort Service.

Looking for prostitutes in Bonn? Read more

Bonn is found in the west of Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia. It is quite popular for exhibitions and conferences and lies on the beautiful river Rhine. With a population of over 300,000, making it Germany’s 19th largest city in terms of population, you have a lot of choice to find a cute prostitute or escort in this wonderful city. So carry on reading to find out more information!

The Red Light District in Bonn

When it comes to a specified red light district in Bonn, you should head to Immenburgstraße. This street is perfectly found right next to the Bonn West train station, so you can easily get there by train. And that actually reminds me about something I should mention before I continue about prostitution in Germany. You see, in many countries, perhaps the country you are from prostitution is illegal. The good thing about Germany, however, is that prostitution in Germany is completely legal. So in case you were wondering why this post is so openly advertising where to find prostitutes, then now you know! Prostitution is allowed, and so there are areas that really take care of the girls. That means that you can have a good feeling when you go and find a hot prostitute in Bonn, to have some fun with or in any other city in Germany for that matter.

Anyway, in the red light district on Immenburgstraße, you can also find a place called Eros Center, with the house numbers 17-21. Eros Center is a brothel and I’m telling you that there are some really hot prostitutes who work here. You can find it on the corner of Karlstraße. At this brothel, you can expect to pay around 30 to 50 euros for a 15-minute session with a sexy prostitute, but just make sure you make it clear in advance with the girl of your choice how much you are planning on spending on her and what she is, therefore, going to give you for the money. It would be pretty rubbish if you paid a lot of money and then received a service which you don’t really find that fulfilling, wouldn’t it? So make sure that doesn’t happen!

Finding street prostitutes in Bonn

If you’re looking for a street prostitute in Bonn, then you don’t need to look far at all. There is a whole area dedicated to street prostitutes in the red light district, as described above, on Immenburgstraße. In this area, there is a really cool parking lot where the beautiful prostitutes can park up. Each parking lot has an emergency alarm and the whole area is supervised by security officers. I was nicely surprised by this – it makes me feel better about the hot prostitutes there, knowing that at least they are also safe in the area and I’m not just exploiting them.

Each of the six parking spaces is surrounded by wooden walls so you can have your privacy with your chosen babe. The prostitutes also have access to washrooms, so you don’t need to worry about a girl being dirty after she had a guy before you. There is a pick-up zone between Am Dickobskreuz and Karlstraße which is used by street prostitutes. As for prices you should expect to pay, you can generally expect the prostitutes to be cheaper than those in brothels. However, the general sex skills of the girls are not so good compared to girls in brothels, and you can expect girls in brothels to be a bit sexier and attractive. So it’s your choice about what is more important to you – money, or sex with a really hot prostitute (I know what I would pick…).

Going to a strip club in Bonn

When it comes to strip clubs in Germany in general, then be warned that you shouldn’t expect something as innocent as typical American strip clubs that you see in the movies. In Germany, the strip clubs are a hell of a lot more hardcore, because you don’t just get a hot lap dance from a gorgeous babe, but you also get to take her to a private room in the strip club (or sometimes even back to your hotel room if the strip club allows) and “love” her like crazy. Girls in these kinds of strip clubs tend to be extremely kinky and are up for trying a lot of things, so they get a big recommendation from me to you.

As for examples of strip clubs in Bonn, there are a few you could check out, including Top Secret (Erzbergerufer 7), Club Kleopatra (Belderberg 4) and Club 111 (Bonner Talweg 111). Take a look at their websites to see exactly which is the perfect one for you in terms of girls and prices, or if you’re in Bonn for a few nights, then why not do one per night?

Escort Service Bonn

Rather have an escort than a prostitute?
Let’s be honest: prostitutes can be really hot and sexy and you can have a great time with one. But what if you could have something a bit more personal? That’s where the idea of escorts come in. An escort model is a hot girl that you pick in advance from a selection online and you hire her to come and meet you somewhere. Of course, you can have hot and passionate “fun” with her as soon as she arrives (just don’t forget to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door). However, it’s also possible and even common to take her on a dinner date or to a bar to have a chat with her and get to know her a little bit.

I have the perfect recommendation for you when it comes to finding an escort in this city, and the company is called Escort Service Bonn, which is by far the best escort service from this area. They have so many hot escort girls to choose from. Like blonde girls? Then you can find her here. Prefer brunettes? Yep, they have them. White, black, Asian, fat, slim, tall, small, young, old… whatever it is that you find really hot in a woman, you are bound to find that type with Escort Service Bonn.

One really good thing about the Escort Agency is that the service team are always there to help. So if you can’t decide on a woman or where to take her, you can ask for some advice. Of course, you can see all the information of each call-girl online next to a picture of her, but still, it’s sometimes good to chat about these things to make sure you are making the right decision and you haven’t missed out anything important. So if you want to find a cute escort for your free time, then I really do recommend that you use Escort Service Bonn. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

Now it’s time to plan your fun!

I hope you found this post useful to you and that you can therefore find a good prostitute or a pretty girl (or, hey, why not both if you’re visiting for a few days?). Bonn truly is a beautiful city with loads of potential to find the woman of your dreams for a night of sex and passion, or if you choose an escort girl for a dinner date… followed by the sex! So go ahead and plan your time in Bonn! Have fun!

Prostitutes in Krefeld: Hints and Tips

Happen to find yourself in Krefeld right now or in the near future? Do you fancy a bit of fun with a sexy prostitute or a hot escort girl? Well then, you have found your way to the correct website! Take a look at our hints and tips for finding prostitutes in Krefeld.

So, where is this city exactly? And what are the rules on prostitution in Krefeld? If you don’t know much about the city yet, then it’s a good idea to gain some knowledge about where Krefeld actually is so you can plan your visit well (just in case you fancy visiting another city nearby). As you are most likely aware, Krefeld is in Germany. It is located in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia of which Duesseldorf is the capital, which you might have heard of. Krefeld has around 225,000 inhabitants, making it a pretty decent sized city, and it is located to the left of the River Rhine.

When it comes to the rules of prostitution, you have nothing to worry about. Germany allows prostitution. That is, it is not illegal. You can, therefore, come to Krefeld, or any other city in Germany for that matter, and have as much fun as you want with prostitutes and escorts without worrying about doing anything illegal. Because of the law, prostitutes in Germany are generally treated very well, making it a very good country to come to in order to find a hot prostitute to have some fun with without having a guilty conscience.

Does Krefeld have a red light district?

Yes, it does! However, it is quite a small one, pretty much concentrated down to one brothel. This brothel is called Eros Center and it is found on Mevissenstraße 70. It would be a pretty long walk to here from the train station (around an hour), so your best bet is to either take a car or order a taxi. There are also a few buses too, such as the buses 076 and 077 which stop at Kapuzinerkloster (a 10-minute walk away). The Eros Center, also known as the “Erotiktempel” (in English: erotic temple) has a variety of hot prostitutes to choose from. It’s a popular chain, with other brothels being in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden which are south of Krefeld. You can therefore expect a good service as it’s not just a one-off as they try to keep their reputation high.

You can book a room for 90 euros and have some hot experience with the prostitute of your dreams here. Each room is plain and simple, but everything you need for a hot and sexy night. Each room, of course, has a bathroom, too, so you can wash yourself off afterwards. There is also a TV in each room so you can relax a bit with a prostitute from Krefeld before having something fun with her.

So if you are looking for a private room to have sex with a sexy prostitute, and you don’t mind going there by car or bus from the train station, then Eros Center is definitely the perfect choice for you! Of course, there is also the opportunity to go to another city nearby. Some nearby cities have exceptionally larger red light districts, for example Düsseldorf and Duisburg, both of which are just a short train journey ride away (about 20-25 minutes to both).

Are there any other places I can have fun outside of the red light district? Yes, don’t worry – there are indeed other places to go to outside of the red light district. But don’t get too excited – there aren’t that many places. However, if you have to stay in Krefeld, then you have a bit more choice than just the Eros Center if that doesn’t tickle your fancy (although it really isn’t a bad choice!). Here are some examples:

Bangkok Asia Massage Parlous (Oppumer Straße 35). As the name suggests, this place is a massage parlour with specialised Asian masseurs. Of course, there is an option for a happy end with a massage at this place. However, this place is more about a naked Asian girl massaging you, but you don’t exactly get to touch her back. But, if that’s not a problem for you, then go ahead and try out a massage with a happy end here!

Sweet Vibrations (Mariannenstraße 33). You won’t find much information about this place online, but you can tell by the name that it sounds a lot of fun! It has a much more central location compared to Eros Center (just about a 7-minute walk from the central station). Why not get their phone number online and give them a ring to see what they offer?

Blue Movie (Hochstraße 11). Blue Movie is a sex cinema (which is “Sex Kino” in German). This sex cinema has a mixture of both straight and gay movie screenings and is open 9 am till midnight from Monday to Saturday and from 12 pm till midnight on Sundays and bank holidays, meaning it’s a good place to go to regardless of the day you fancy having some fun. It can be found just a 3/4-minute walk away from the central station and it was completely redecorated in 2012. In fact, it’s been around for more than 30 years! So if you like the idea of a Sex Kino, then check out Blue Movie in the city centre of Krefeld!

Escort Service Krefeld

What if I would rather hire an escort in Krefeld?
As you can tell from above, Krefeld doesn’t exactly offer the biggest selection of places ever to find a hot prostitute. Unless you have time and energy to go to a nearby city like Düsseldorf or Duisburg, then you may have a problem finding somewhere you are comfortable with and finding a prostitute you find really attractive.

Well, that’s where the option of hiring an escort girl comes in. And I would say the best escort service in the city is definitely Escort Service Krefeld. With loads of really cute girls and hot escort models to choose from, you are bound to find someone perfect for you whilst browsing their website. You see, I like the fact that you can take a look at the selection of escort girls in advance online. That way, I not only see how attractive they are, but I can also find out some information about them, such as age, height, weight and, a very important factor, sexual preferences. I can also see what they like to eat and drink so I know where to take them on a dinner date if that’s what I want to.

That’s because with an escort girl you can go for a casual date to a restaurant or bar and get to know her a little bit better before you decide on what you want to do with her. That’s what I like about Escort Service Krefeld – you have chance to break the ice before worrying about what to do with her and if you want to do anything with her at all after dinner. Of course, you can also hire an escort to come directly to your hotel room or wherever else you are, if all you are looking for is a bit of hanky-panky with a cute girl. So if you want an escort, try out Escort Service Krefeld! Recommended by yours truly, a customer of the amazing service.

To finish things off,

So, as you can tell, there is definitely chance to have fun with a prostitute in Krefeld with a small selection of places to go. However, if you prefer escorts, then you also have the option to get in touch with and hire a cute escort from Escort Service Krefeld, where you perhaps have a better chance of having a good night with a really hot girl you like. No matter what you end up doing, I hope you have a brilliant time in Krefeld. Don’t have too much fun though… ah, hell, who am I kidding? Go and have fun with as many girls as you want! You do deserve it after all!

Read how to meet prostitutes in Oberhausen

Oberhausen is located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in the west of Germany. Oberhausen is found right between the well-known cities of Duisburg and Essen. It is pretty much located about 12 kilometers from both cities. Something ideal about coming to Germany, in general, to have some fun with a cute prostitute is the fact that prostitution is actually legal in the country. So what you are doing is completely legal and you can’t get done for it, which is great news for those of us who love to have a good “fun” with a sexy prostitute from Oberhausen!

But, anyway, you’ve stumbled across this post probably because you are looking for hints and tips on how and where to find escorts and prostitutes in Oberhausen. Although it’s not such a big place compared to other nearby German cities, with a population of around 200,000 inhabitants, Oberhausen still has a lot to offer for those of you looking for a good “fun” with a pretty escort or prostitute.

Oberhausen’s Red Light District

You can find the red light district of Oberhausen on the street called Flasshofstraße and it is just a short walk away from the central station. You just need to leave the train station area from the right and go onto Friedrich-Karl-Straße. After that, turn right onto Hermann-Albertz-Straße and you will find Flasshofstraße, the red light district, on your left. On Flasshofstraße, you can find a variety of places in which you can have lots of fun with some hot prostitutes, including strip clubs and brothels. More information as to specific places can be found below if you keep reading.

Oberhausen doesn’t have the biggest red light district ever, but if it suits you, then that’s great! However, if you are looking for bigger red light districts with a bit more going on, then I recommend you go to a nearby city like Duisburg or Cologne. Another important point to mention: street prostitution is not at all common in Oberhausen. So it is best if you go to the red light district if you are looking for a prostitute, otherwise, you probably won’t have much luck at all if you just search the streets at night.

Brothels and strip clubs in Oberhausen

Brothels in Germany, and thus Oberhausen, are just as you know them – you go in and find a prostitute to have some fun with. As for the prices, you often have to negotiate with the prostitute in advance, so make sure she doesn’t try to scam you by getting lots of money out of you for only small acts.
Strip clubs, on the other hand, aren’t quite as you would expect. We all know the typical American-style strip clubs where you can go and buy a beer, get a lap dance from a hot prostitute and put some cash in her bra or pants. Well, in Germany, strip clubs are a lot different – you see, in German strip clubs, you can go in, buy a beer, see lots of hot prostitutes, but it’s normal for you to then pick a prostitute you have taken a fancy into and then go and take her to one of the private rooms provided to love her and have other kinds of fun with her. It is also possible to take her back to your hotel room, too, depending on the strip club (check in advance with the club you go to if that’s your plan). So when you go to a strip club in Oberhausen, be ready to get much more than a simple lap dance.

Here are a couple of examples of places in or near the red light district where you can go and find a hot prostitute:

Haus Eden/Eros Center (Flasshofstraße 32/34). Eros Center is a brothel with 32 rooms, and Haus Eden is more of a hotel with 32 rooms. Both places are run by the same people and pretty much the same place. All the available rooms are extremely clean and all have bathrooms, including a shower and toilet. The décor is really nice, so it doesn’t feel like a standard run-down brothel. They even serve breakfast until 2 pm, how awesome is that?! You get daily room cleanings and everything!

Rote Meile (Flasshofstraße 38). Rote Meile is another brothel which provides extremely hot prostitutes in really good conditions – clean rooms and lots of useful equipment (such as shower and toilet in each room). So there is also a really good choice for a place to find a hot prostitute to have some fun within a nice, clean and calm environment. As for prices – discuss in advance with the prostitute! And don’t be a fool and pay too much for little!

Sex Cinemas in Oberhausen

Sex Cinemas are a big thing in Germany, and Oberhausen has two really good sex cinemas (or “Sex Kinos” in German) to enjoy. The first is Blowmax, located on Ruhrorter Straße 9, and the second one is Höhepunkt Sexshop and Gay-Kino, located on Nohnstraße 25. I can definitely recommend the second one – it can be found just a 5-minute walk away from the central station. It has both a straight and gay cinema (so if you fancied experimenting, then you can also try the latter if you wanted…), and there are cabins with glory holes and darkrooms. There are also lockers at the till so you can put valuable belongings in there before going to have fun with someone.

Escorts in Oberhausen

Fancy an escort instead? Try our Escort Service!
It’s OK, I get it – sometimes you don’t really want a prostitute because of how impersonal it can be. You find a girl, have “fun” with her for a set amount of time (usually 15 or 30 minutes) and before you know it, you’ve come and you’re leaving already. That’s where escorts are that little bit different – you can take an escort on a dinner date in advance of any private time locked away in your hotel room. That way, you can get to know each other on a more personal level before truly committing to a “fun” session with your hot date.

When it comes to trying to find an escort in Oberhausen, then I definitely recommend you try out Escort Service Oberhausen. You’ll be amazed at the variety of girls they have on offer for you – from white and black, to young and old, blonde and brunette, tall and small, skinny and fat… no matter what your perfect girl is like, you are bound to find her with Escort Service Oberhausen!

One thing I like about the escort service is that you get a good overview of all the girls on offer on their website. Furthermore, when you call or email to book a girl, you can also ask for some advice if you aren’t quite sure which girl you want to take on a date (or just have some “fun”, let’s be honest). So the guys at Escort Service Oberhausen will help you out with choosing a girl that matches your wishes. They can even give you some advice on where to take your girl if you don’t know any good restaurants or bars in Oberhausen. So if you don’t want to sleep with a prostitute but would rather get intimate with a cute escort, then check out the pictures of our escort girls! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

That’s all from me!
Thanks for reading this post about escorts and prostitutes in Oberhausen. I hope you now have a good idea on where to go when you come to Oberhausen and fancy a bit of fun with a hot prostitute. From brothels and strip clubs to the Escort Service Oberhausen, you have a lot of choice on finding the girl of your dreams for some hardcore sex. So, I hope you have a lot of fun!

A guide to finding prostitutes in Duisburg

Hi there and welcome to this post about prostitutes and escorts in the wonderful city of Duisburg! First things first, a little about the city of Duisburg itself: Duisburg can be found in North Rhein-Westphalia, which is a state in Germany. Thankfully, in Germany prostitution is legal, which means places like brothels are completely allowed, and so you do not need to worry about doing anything illegal when looking for prostitutes in Duisburg or Germany as a while! Anyway, Duisburg has a population of around 500,000 people and is located near cities such as Duesseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westfalia, Essen, and Cologne, Germany’s fourth biggest city in terms of population. So let me tell you a bit about how and where to find some hot prostitutes and escorts in Duisburg if you are planning on going on a business trip or a personal trip in the near future…

The Red Light District in Duisburg

In Duisburg, there is one red light district which can be found on Vulkanstraße. Here you can find quite a few brothels with over 400 windows. In recent years, the district has also extended slightly around the cover to Charlottenstraße and Julius-Weber Straße. You can also find sex shops and nude bars in this area, which I will go into a bit more about in a moment.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a prostitute to have some fun within the red light district. You can expect to pay around 30 to 50 euros for a “fun” lasting around 15 minutes, but make sure you discuss and negotiate the price in advance before jumping into anything, as there may be some prostitutes who try and scam you by charging ridiculous prices for very small things. And you definitely don’t want that! Here is an interesting fact about the Duisburg red light district: it is one of the biggest red light districts in the whole of Germany! There are many customers and tourists who travel all over Germany to get to Duisburg and have some fun with one of the many prostitutes on offer. So if you are temporarily based in cities like Düsseldorf, Essen or Cologne, then I would definitely recommend taking a trip out to Duisburg to see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed, I can assure you!

The red light district, Vulkanstraße, is found in the south-west of the city. One easy way to find it is to look out for the tall chimney because the district is located near the Duisburg Stadtwerke power station. There is also the opportunity to take the underground (in German “U-Bahn”, line number U79) to the station “Platanenhof”. There are trams that go there as well (line 903). And from the stop, you walk for about 5 minutes until you get to Vulkanstraße, so it has a very good location in general.

Brothels in Duisburg

There are many brothels to choose from when visiting the city. You can choose from a variety of types, too. For example, there are standard brothels, as you would expect them – you go in, buy a drink, find a prostitute and go and have some fun with them in a dark room or take her back to your hotel room. There are also sauna clubs which, as you can expect from the name, offer saunas as well. FKK clubs, that is “Frei Körper Kultur” or “Free Body Culture”, are simply brothels, but the girls are completely naked, normally apart from footwear, and the lights are on normally and not dark and gloomy. That way you can check out all the prostitutes completely before making a decision on which you would like to have some fun with.

Here are a few examples of brothels in Duisburg:

Vulkanhaus, located at Vulkanstraße 17-19 in the red light district, is a huge brothel made up of two to three old buildings, meaning it is a huge place to get lost in and you can find hot babes everywhere. You pay 30 euros for 15 minutes with the prostitute of your choice.

Eros Center 26, located on Vulkanstraße 26 in the red light district, offers some damn sexy prostitutes for you to enjoy. You are looking at around 50 euros for “fun” and you have a nice selection of prostitutes to choose from.

Sex Palace, located around the corner from the red light district on 36-42 Julius-Weber-Straße, has several floors, but I recommend you ignore the top floor because there are some hot as hell prostitutes on the other floors! You are looking at around 50 euros for a 30-minute “fun” session, and often you are allowed to shower afterwards, too, meaning you can wash yourself off so nobody knows where you’ve been.

Strip clubs in the city

In Germany, do not expect the standard strip clubs that you see in the movies in America. Instead of just a drink and lap dance, strip clubs in Germany often end up seeing the guy take the prostitute into a private room or back to his hotel room for a “fun”, so it is pretty damn hardcore in Germany! Two really good strip clubs in the city are Nightclub Goldener Anker and Florida Table Dance Club. The first is on Unterstraße 73 and the second is on Marcatorstraße 68 which is just three minutes away from the main train station in Duisburg.

Escort Service Duisburg

So the above information might sound promising to you if you are looking for a quick session with a hot prostitute during your visit. On the other hand, maybe that all sounds a bit too quick for your liking, and you would rather be able to get to know a hot girl before you consider having sex with her. Sound like you? Then carry on reading!

Another option to have some fun with a girl, which may be the perfect option for you, is to hire an escort girl. With escorts, you can meet up and go for dinner to break the ice if that is something that you would prefer to do. You can go for drinks or whatever else whilst getting to know each other before taking her back to your hotel room for some one-on-one fun. Or, of course, you can just invite her directly to your room from the start…

Another advantage is that you can browse the escort girls in advance online, read information about her (such as her age as well as her sexual preferences) and be able to choose a girl in advance based on all of this – and then there is no chance of you being disappointed if you do not find the girls of your dreams in a brothel. Definitely, the best escort service I can recommend to you is Escort Service Duisburg. They have so many hot girls to choose from, so your perfect woman is bound to be in the selection. The people who work at Escort Service Duisburg are also really friendly and can help discuss which girls you would like to choose if you are struggling to choose, and they can also recommend places you can take your girl out to if you do not already have an idea on where to go with her.

So that is my big recommendation to you – Escort Service Duisburg! Perfect for those who prefer an escort to a prostitute! What are you waiting for? Hopefully, you have a good idea now where and what to do in Duisburg when it comes to prostitutes and escorts. There are so many opportunities that you are spoilt for choice, from brothels and strip clubs to beautiful escorts with Escort Service Duisburg. So what are you waiting for? Start researching and planning your visit to Duisburg! Hope you have an amazing time!

How to find prostitutes in Wuppertal?

Wuppertal is a city located in western Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia. It can be found to the south of the state’s capital, Duesseldorf. Wuppertal has a population of 350,000 inhabitants, and so it has enough to offer to have a good time when you visit the city! Perhaps you are visiting this charming city for work purposes, or you just want a weekend getaway to let your hair down and find a nice prostitute or two to have some fun with. If that’s the case, then you’ve certainly stumbled upon the right website. Read this post to get some hints and tips for finding a prostitute or escort in the city of Wuppertal.

Germany’s Rules of Prostitution

There’s one thing important to mention before looking into where to find a hot prostitute in Wuppertal, and that is Germany’s law on prostitution. But don’t worry, it’s good news – prostitution is actually legal in the whole of the country, which includes things like brothels, so you can be sure that you don’t have to try and keep things discrete (unless, of course, you would like to) as you are not doing anything illegal by finding and having fun with a prostitute in Wuppertal or any other city in Germany.

Wuppertal’s Red Light District
Although Wuppertal does have a red light district per se, there have been rumors of it has died down in recent years, meaning you’re not always guaranteed to find a prostitute there. The district is located on Wesendonkstraße 16-18, which can be found on the corner of Hofaue. It is close to the famous Schwebebahn, which is an overhead monorail and one of the highlights of the city. But, as I said, don’t be too disappointed if you don’t find anything there. You can keep on reading to find out about other ways you can find a prostitute in Wuppertal tonight or this weekend!

However, just a side note – you could always head to another city nearby if you want to check out a lively red light district. For example, you could visit Duesseldorf, Cologne (in German: Köln) or Essen. The same applies to street prostitution in general. If that’s more your thing, then try out another city. Wuppertal is better known for its brothers and strip clubs, as you can read below.

Brothels and Strip Clubs in Wuppertal

Brothels are just as you would expect them – you go inside, find a prostitute, and have some fun. Just make sure that you the price is discussed in advance because we would hate for you to have to pay a lot for a rubbish experience. Getting scammed by a prostitute is not unheard of, so make it clear what you want in advance so the price can be cleared before you both start having some fun.

As for strip clubs, don’t expect typical American style strip clubs in which you pay for a beer and a lap dance and nothing more. The Germans really know how to do a strip club, let me tell you that! In German strip clubs, you can get a beer and have a lap dance by a hot prostitute, but it’s common also to take her to a room in the club or take her back to your hotel room with you to have some fun. Some places in Wuppertal are in the form of sauna clubs, and others are known as FKK clubs, which means that the girls walk around completely naked, apart from footwear. So make sure you take a good look at your options before you commit on which place you are going to go to. Examples of some good brothels and strip clubs in Wuppertal include Club 165 (Hofkamp 165), Hotcats (Bendahlerstraße) and FKK Atlantica (Deutscher Ring 40).

Sex Cinemas in Wuppertal

In Wuppertal, there are also many sex cinemas for you to go to and enjoy. Some examples include Novum Erotik (Hofkamp 19), where you can find a total of ten sex cinemas in one place. Open every day 10am-10pm apart from on Sundays, there are straight and gay cinemas with sex-swings, gangbang movies and beds. It costs 12 euros to enter which really isn’t bad when you consider everything that you have on offer. Another amazing sex cinema, or Sex Kino as the Germans call it, is called Beat’s experience cinema porn cinema and Gaykino, found on Höhne 2-4. Here you can find a mixture of gay and straight people, with glory holes, condoms, showers and towels provided. It costs just 10 euros to enter and that even includes two drinks. So why not check it out?

Escort Service Wuppertal

Finding a prostitute in Wuppertal, although exciting, can be pretty dull if it takes a long time to find the woman of your dreams. We’ve all been there – going into a brothel and not quite finding a prostitute who we like the looks of, but still going for it and not having as much fun as we could do with someone we find really hot. Well, if you’re worried about that happening to you in Wuppertal, you can always hire an escort girl. That way, you can take a look at the girls online in advance and actually pick one and hire her, ready for when you arrive in Wuppertal. Sounds great, right?

One Escort Service that is known for having amazingly hot escorts is called Escort Service Wuppertal. They have a wide range of escorts for you to choose from: from tall to short, blonde to brunette, fat to slim, German to Asian, black to white… you are going to find a girl that ticks all of your boxes. One of the things I like about hiring an escort compared to finding some prostitute in a bar is that you can meet the girl in a public place for some dinner if you want, just as a way to break the ice if you are a little bit nervous about meeting her and fucking her immediately. Of course, you also don’t even have to fuck her at the end of the day at all – perhaps you just want a hot girl to hang out with and have dinner with? Also possible with our Escort Service! Or maybe you are not bothered about getting to know her on a dinner date or at a bar? That’s also fine – then just hire her to come straight to your hotel room or apartment and let the fun begin! Don’t forget to hang out the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door 😉

Escort Service Wuppertal has a brilliant service. When you get in touch with them to hire a girl or just to enquire about it, the guys will help you choose an escort if you are having problems deciding. They can tell you exactly what each girl enjoys doing (which you can also find online), making your choice a lot easier. You can even ask for suggestions for restaurants and bars if you want! Why not check out their website?

An Ending Note

Now that you’ve read this post (thanks for reading it, by the way!), I hope you now have a good idea of what to expect when you get to Wuppertal, whether for work or personal reasons. Now you know a few of the places you can go to after that work meeting to wind down and have some fun, and you know you can rely on the Escort Service Wuppertal if you would rather hire a girl to come and have some fun with you directly in your hotel room. Let me know about your experiences – it would be great to share some hints, tips and ideas when it comes to finding escorts and prostitutes in Wuppertal!
Enjoy! 😉

Hints and Tips to find Prostitutes in Essen

Located in the central part of the Ruhr area of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, Essen is Germany’s 9th biggest city with over 500,000 inhabitants. Back in 2010, this city was even the European Capital of Culture, representing the entire Ruhr area. So people know about it! There may be a chance that you are in or near to Essen on a business trip, or perhaps you are visiting the area for personal reasons. Well, as you are on this blog post, then you may well be looking for information on how to have some fun with a prostitute or escort in Essen City. Look no further! Take a look at this post for some hints and tips when it comes to finding both escorts and prostitutes in the city of Essen.

Prostitution in Germany

Just in case you are wondering – prostitution in Germany is completely legal. That means you can find and have some fun with a prostitute without worrying about breaking the law! Furthermore, this also means that places like brothels are also legal in the country. So worry less about the law and focus more on finding a prostitute in Essen!

The Redlight District – Stahlstrasse

The red-light district in Essen can be found on a street called Stahlstrasse. It is a cul-de-sac, meaning a dead-end road, and is very discrete. If you want to visit by car, you can also drive your car into the area. The area can be found in the north-west of the city centre next to the Ikea. It’s kind of on the edge of the north-west of the city. You can also get there by underground, so if you do decide to do so, then you need to get off at the stop called Berliner Platz. When it comes to prices, you will have to haggle yourself with the prostitute of your choosing, but you should expect to spend around 30 euros for sex, which usually also includes a blow job.

The red-light district does the job and has enough for you to enjoy, but if you are looking for something a little bit better, then try going to the nearby cities of Düsseldorf and Dortmund. They are under 40 kilometers away from Essen and offer much better red-light districts!

Finding prostitutes on the streets

Street prostitution in Essen is not very lively, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t find too much whilst looking on the streets. There used to be a lot of street workers on the Essener Straßenstrich, but nowadays that area, unfortunately, tends to be rather quiet. Otherwise, you are best off going to the red-light district, as mentioned above or read on for some suggestions on brothels and other places.

Strip clubs in the city

At some strip clubs in Germany, you don’t just have a quick lap dance and a beer. So it’s not typically American if that is what you are thinking. You see, in Germany, the strip clubs tend to be quite hardcore! You can often have sex with dancers in a private room provided at the place or even take her back to your hotel room with you.

There are a couple of strip clubs in Essen with entrance fees usually ranging from 10-15 euros. They are called Royal Bar (Alfredstraße 1) and The Diamond Star (Rottstraße 28). Generally, the strip clubs are pretty safe and there isn’t a big chance that you will get scammed. However, just be careful – entrance fees are OK, as are the prices for beer, but be careful when you order a stripper something as the bill at the end can shoot up if you order her a drink or two! So just make sure you are aware in advance of how much everything costs before you dive into it.

Other places to have fun

There are a wide range of other awesome places to go to in order to find a cute prostitute in Essen. There are many brothels and sauna clubs, such as the Pussy Club Essen (Laubenhof 9) and Club Ich (Alfredstraße 5). It is better to check in advance what the prices are before just heading there, so you know what to expect and what you should expect from the money you spend. For example, Pussy Club Essen offers a variety of deals, such as 25 euros for a golden shower from the prostitute if that’s what you like, and generally, 60 euros is what you spend for half an hour with a girl of your choice.

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Of course, finding a prostitute on the streets, in the redlight district or in a strip club is not the only way to have some a fuck session with a hot girl in Essen. You can also choose to hire an escort to spend some time with you. The Escort Service Essen is a fantastic Escort Agency for just that. There are so many girls to choose from, from blonde and brunette, to tall and small, fat and slim, old and young… you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a girl to spend some time with.

One of the advantages of an escort is, of course, you can spend some time with her before you have some fun, if you want to have any fun at all. You can hire an escort girl for a dinner date or take her to a pub or club. You may appreciate being able to get to her know in advance so that you can really make your mind up if you want to take her back to your hotel room at the end of the night. You can also hire an escort to come straight to your hotel room if you’d like. So if you can’t be bothered with the pleasantries and want to get straight down to fucking, then she can come straight to you and you don’t need to go outside to try and find a prostitute on the streets. You can also agree in advance on the price, so there are no surprises when it comes to meeting a hot escort!

Our Escort Service also have friendly staff who will help you decide on a girl if you are stuck for choice, and they can also give you further advice on places to go in Essen, such as restaurants and bars. So choosing this service if you want an escort is something I can really recommend to you.

It’s time to go have fun in Essen!

I really hope this post has helped you in some way with tips and advice on finding a hot escort or prostitute in Essen. There is really quite a lot on offer for you in this city, particularly when it comes to brothels and the escorts with our Escort Service! So, what are you waiting for? You better start researching the different places in Essen mentioned in this post to find a place that suits you when it comes to finding a prostitute to have some fun with. Have fun!

How to find Prostitutes in Cologne city

Prostitutes in Cologne: Hints and Tips

Cologne, in German “Köln”, is a huge city with loads of potential for some fun with a prostitute. In fact, did you know that this city is the 4th largest city in Germany, after Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich? So this bustling city, found in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia with a population of over 10 million people, is perfect for a good “fun” with a prostitute, regardless of the reason for your visit.

The trade fair grounds in Cologne, known as the Köln Messe, is home to loads of huge fairs, from GamesCom to INTERMOT, so there is a good chance you’ll find yourself in this city sooner or later, whether it be for business purposes or personal purposes. So before you arrive, take a look at these tips for finding a prostitute in Cologne. Then you can know straight away where to go without wasting time walking around aimlessly looking for sex!


Rules on prostitution in Germany

Rules are different in every country, but you may assume that prostitution in Germany, as in other countries, is illegal. Well, my friend, you will be happy to know that you are wrong! Prostitution in Germany is namely legal, as are brothels. So no need to worry about doing anything illegal when it comes to finding a prostitute in Cologne.

Brothels in the city:

The city of Cologne is famous for its two “Laufhäuser”; a German word for brothel. These two brothels can be found on the street called “Hornstraße” at the house numbers 2 and 87, called “Pascha” and “Das Bordell” respectively. These amazing brothels are rather on the outskirts of Cologne, but nevertheless, you will easily find a sexy prostitute at one of these two locations to have some fun with. You can reach the Hornstraße and both brothels via a short trip by train or taxi from the city centre.

Pascha is actually one of the biggest brothels in the world. It has 12 floors with around 120 prostitutes, and the brothels sees up to 1,000 customers a day (yep, you read that right – one thousand!). It is open 24 hours a day and you have to pay an entrance fee of about 5 euros. As for paying for the girl, you have to discuss that personally with her. Just make sure she doesn’t con you and that you get what you pay for! It is also clever to pretend you live in the city because then you will get a better rate because the girl will want you to “cum” again another time 😉


Das Bordell is more of a lower-class version of Pascha and is found directly opposite. There is no entrance fee unlike the 5 euro fee in Pascha, and you can walk in and chat with the girls before making a commitment. It’s basically a little less formal version of its neighbour, Pascha. Expect to pay around 30-50 euros for sex with a prostitute but, again, make sure you get your money’s worth otherwise you’ll be left with an empty wallet and a not so fulfilling experience. And you certainly don’t want that, do you?!

Here’s an interesting fact – in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which as I stated above is where Cologne is located in Germany, there are said to be around 30,000 sex workers active in total. Around 80% of these prostitutes have some sort of migration background, including many from South Eastern Europe (so places like Russia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria). So if that’s going in the direction of your perfect woman, then you really are in luck when it comes to finding a prostitute to f..k!

Finding street prostitutes in Cologne

One place I can really recommend for finding street prostitutes is a kind of drive-in brothel, also known as “performance boxes” or “sex huts”. It was established in October 2001, and the girls are really taken care of by the Catholic Women’s Welfare Service, so you can be assured that the girls are not being misused for their bodies by a pimp. At this place, you need a vehicle and you drive up to it as if you were driving up to a gas station or something similar. There are eight rooms in total in which you can have some fun with the prostitute of your choice. The girls there tend to charge 20-50 euros for sex, which really isn’t a bad deal at all!

street prostitutes

Other places in the city

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a fuck with a hot prostitute in Cologne. Not only do you have the above options, but there are also tons of clubs and bars where you can find someone hot girl to have fun. From massage parlours, such as Massage Eden (Moselstraße 42) to strip clubs, like Salon Rouge (Mathias-Brüggen-Straße 10), you are bound to find something that’s right for you. The city is also unofficially the gay capital of Germany, so if you fancied experimenting a little… hey, why the hell not do so in Cologne? There are plenty of strip clubs and other sex houses with male prostitutes!

Choosing an escort girl

Perhaps you are more of a person who would rather spend some time and have some fun with an escort girl rather than a prostitute. Although escorts do tend to be more expensive, you definitely know that you will get exactly what you pay for when you hire an escort girl. You can also take them around the city, or let them show you the city – they’re perfect if you’re in the city alone and need some company and not just a quick “fun” (but, of course, escorts also are up for the latter too).

A really awesome service to find and hire a beautiful escort is the Escort Service in Cologne from our Agency. With so many beautiful women to choose from, finally deciding on just one is going to be a difficult choice! The Escort Service has young girls, old girls, black, white, blonde, brunette, slim, big… you are bound to find someone who will perfectly fit your tastes and needs, whether that be going for a meal, going to a club, or having some fun in your hotel room with her.

The good thing about the Escort Service is that you can browse the escort girls in advance online, so there isn’t any awkwardness when browsing windows of a brothel, if that’s not really your thing. You can call the Escort Service and ask them for recommendations if you’re finding it too difficult to choose, and there are also escorts listed who live outside of Cologne who are willing to travel to the city – giving you even more beautiful escort girls to choose from. You also set the price in advance whilst booking and pay when you meet the girl, so there’s no way she can con you by demanding extra money from the start. Of course, if you decide to do more things than originally agreed upon, then don’t be surprised if you are asked for a bit more money (which is only fair!). You can already take a look at the girls Escort Service has on offer now at

Now you’re ready – go and have some fun in the city!

Now that you’ve read this post, I hope you feel ready to go and tackle the prostitution world in this city. I can assure you that you are going to have a lot of fun in this fantastic city. If you have any other recommendations for finding prostitutes in Cologne, let me know! Whether you go to one of the famous brothels, find a smaller club or bar, or hire an escort girl with our Escort Service, I really hope you have an amazing time having some fun with a prostitute. I think I might take a look at the Escort Service website myself again to see who I can hire next time I visit Cologne…