Erotic Massage Dusseldorf

Erotic massages in Dusseldorf

Are you going to be in Dusseldorf and want to find a way to relax in a sexy environment without all the strings attached? Have you ever tried an erotic massage before? If not, we think this might just be the thing you are looking for to calm down after a hard day’s work on your business trip. But one problem is the question: Where to start? Sure, you can look online for nearby erotic massages, but we have done something unique to offer you here at the Escort Service Dusseldorf.
Erotic massages are not only good because, well, they are very sexual and intense and give a man such as yourself great pleasure, but did you know that they are also very medicinal? Sexy massages are great at relieving stress, and they can help heal and unwind your tired muscles. It can even boost your sexual stamina so that you can last longer when spending some time with another woman in your life.

The best erotic massage in Dusseldorf

Firstly – yes, it is possible to go to one of the massage parlours located in Dusseldorf. There are some really good ones, such as Temdesin found in the south of the city and Massage Lounge who in the area of Derendorf in Dusseldorf. Feel free to take a look online at some of these places to find out more about what they have to offer. However, although these places are good and so offer some great massages, there is one problem when going to places like this – you have to actually leave your apartment, flat or hotel room that you are staying in during your stay in Dusseldorf. What could be better than a personal, erotic massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel room? That is where we come in, and what we want to tell you a little bit more about.

Erotic Massage Düsseldorf

The thing is, as we also know, if you have had a long day at the job, then you probably really can’t be bothered to step foot out of your hotel room due to the stress and tiredness from the day. At Escort Service Dusseldorf, we have loads of hot babes who are happy and willing to come and see you in your hotel room and give you a personal massage – just the two of you, with no need to even leave your room (or even your bed, for that matter).

The first thing to do is to pick a girl who you want to come to visit you and give you the erotic massage. We have a beautiful array of gorgeous escort girls that it might actually be difficult to come to a decision straight away. Feel free to take a look at their profile pages and get to know a little about them – maybe you prefer blondes? Or tall escorts? Maybe you have a thing for Hispanic women? Whatever it is that you crave, we are sure to have the perfect lady for you. Just be sure that each woman is unique and can give the most wonderful, individual erotic massages you have ever had. So each lady is completely different. If you have already been one of our clients, why not try out another lady to see how she compares to your previous massage?

You may ask yourself what kind of erotic massages you can get. Well, even there the choice is plentiful. Now, if you are a newbie to the world of erotic massages, then maybe you are not too sure what to expect. Some people think erotic massages are a taboo subject, but that is really not the case – it is the perfect way for you to relax and have some fun with a sexy woman. What more could a man want in his own hotel room away from home? So, once you have chosen your girl, it is time to consider the massage that you would like. Our most popular massage is actually the standard one – the simple wellness massage, with a nice erotic twist. The girl of your choice will come to your hotel room – discreetly, of course (which you can read more about below) – prepared with all the equipment and materials ready to give you the perfect massage.

Erotic Massage in Dusseldorf

The session will actually begin with a completely non-sexual full-body massage. It would be rude to start immediately with the sexual stuff after all! The hot escort girl of your dreams will lay a towel down on your bed and ask you to lie down. She will then start to warm your skill with massage oil. Starting with your neck, back and shoulders, she will slowly rub away all the stress from your mind. She’ll make sure to massage away any tension in these areas of your body.

As the heat and sexual tension increases, so will the erotic massage. Bear in mind that there may be some calm and relaxing music playing and some scented candles or incense burning to help establish a calming vibe. Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of her hands…which will then lead to other parts of her body rubbing up and down you as you feel like you are in absolute heaven. So with time, your masseuse will be more and more intense – making you want more and more as you lay there helplessly seduced by her beautiful body all over you.

Book your Erotic Massage Appointment

One question you might ask yourself is: How sexual is the massage going to get? Is a happy ending guaranteed? Well, it is if you ask for it in the first place. If you want a happy end – which means you are relieved at the end with her hands or another “part” of her body – then you need to book it extra when you hire your masseuse. There is also such thing as a ‘full-service massage’ which, if you don’t know what that is, simply means you get to the go the whole way with your beautiful woman after she is finished caressing every inch of your body. You also need to book that in advance for an extra fee, too. It is definitely an extra that is often purchased by our customers, and we can understand why. Sounds good, huh?

Now, one thing you might be worried about is the fact that an unknown woman is coming to your Dusseldorf hotel room. Of course, she is beautiful – but what if she speaks to someone and they find out why she is visiting you in your hotel room? That is something that you certainly don’t have to worry about, the girls from our Escort Service are very discreet. You see, our girls are trained to not speak to anybody during her visit to you. If she is visiting you at your home because you have the house or flat to yourself, she will either take public transport or park her car away from your property to prevent raising any suspicious from nosey neighbours. Furthermore, if you want a girl to visit you in your hotel room, you can be assured that she will not speak to anybody as she enters the hotel and makes her way to your room. She will definitely not speak to anybody at reception and will just pretend she is another guest at the hotel. That is why we need to know your hotel room number in advance during the booking – so that the woman of your dreams can come to you directly without any complications. There will also be no signs of the fact you have hired an escort for an erotic massage in the bank statement, and we will delete your details when your appointment. It will be as though you never even contacted us.

Enjoy lashings of pleasure

One thing we always like to say too is that it is OK to be nervous, especially if it is your first time experiencing an erotic massage. It can be something that is very nerve-wracking but rest assured you have nothing to be worrying about. Our girls are professionally trained and know how to calm you down and make you feel completely comfortable. In fact, our hot girls are used to first-timers like yourself, so they are not expecting anybody with lots of experience. You could even buy a bottle of wine or some beer in advance to help calm the nerves if you think that would help.

When the erotic massage is over with, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the session is over and that the masseuse will leave you alone. If you want, she can stay with you for a little while as you feel like you are on cloud nine. She can cuddle up to you and keep you warm after you experience heaven in her hands. You see, many clients who have never had an erotic massage before telling us that they feel a strange sensation after being relieved – a feeling of bliss, yet vulnerability. So your own personal erotic masseuse will cuddle with you to calm you down after an hour of intensity.

erotic massage girl

As for other types of massages, it depends on the girl. Some of our girls can give you relaxing massages in the bathtub if your hotel room has one, and you can even hire two of the beautiful girls at the same time if you are looking for an extra pair of hands to give you the ultimate pleasure. So, what do you think? Are you a first-timer who wants to try out an erotic massage with a sexy and young escort girl? Or perhaps you’ve had many erotic massages in the past and you want to try a new one with one of our sexy escorts. Either way, we are happy to help you select the woman of your dreams, as well as the type of massage you would like. Just give us a call and tell us which woman you would like, or what kind of woman you imagine and we will help you find the perfect match. Please note that the sooner you hire, the better, because if you book very last minute then there is a chance that the lady of your choice has already been booked by somebody else – and that would be a great shame! We look forward to receiving your call and thank you for considering having an erotic massage with one of our beautiful girls from Dusseldorf Girls Escort Service.

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