Erotic massage in Duisburg

Erotic massages in Duisburg

Located in the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany, Duisburg is a fairly large town with around 500,000 inhabitants and a lot to see and do. From the Duisburg Inner Harbour (the world’s largest, in fact), the Theater Duisburg and, of course, the famous River Rhine, there is plenty to see and do when you visit this picturesque town, such as on a quick getaway tourist weekend away. With 21 docks and as Germany’s 15th largest city, there is also a very good chance that you might find yourself going on a business trip to this pretty city.

Large choice of erotic massages in Duisburg

However, Duisburg perhaps isn’t the most well-known city in Germany, unlike Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich. That’s why we’ve written this little post to give you some ideas on what you can do when you’re lonely in Duisburg after a long, hard day of sightseeing or working. Of course, we could tell you about all the events and other entertainment places you can visit in Duisburg, but it is pretty easy to get such information from quickly searching online. The aim of this article is to give you some advice on erotic massages. That may seem like a blunt introduction – but why else are you on this page reading this text? Don’t worry – we know the desire and curiosity that comes along with the term ‘erotic massage’. In fact, did you know that such massages, sexual pleasure aside, are actually very beneficial for our bodies? Not only do they help loosen all of your tight and hardened muscles, such as your back, arms, and legs, but they also help you escape into a world of pleasure and relaxation as every inch of worry and stress leaves your body. That’s why you don’t even have to feel guilty about having such a sexual massage – it is healthy for your body and your mind, after all!

Erotic Massage Duisburg

Now, it may not be too obvious at first as to where you can go to get an erotic massage in Duisburg. You could have a look online and just take a stab in the dark and hope the 5-star reviews on Google are genuine. One example is Juwel der Sinne, found near the Duisburg-Hochfeld Süd train station on Paul-Esch-Straße 117. With some pretty decent reviews online, but a rather small selection of sexy girls to choose from, it could be fun to go there and enjoy the hands of one of their women. Another example of an erotic massage parlour in Duisburg is Salon Cora. It can be found very close to the central station in fact. Maybe that would tickle your fancy? However, it can be said that there is a problem with the above two massage parlours and, indeed, any erotic massage parlour in Duisburg. The problem is that you have to actually leave your flat or hotel room to get to them and receive an erotic massage. Because of that, you risk yourself getting caught by colleagues or somebody else you know as you try and slip away from the hotel to get to the parlour for a sexy massage. Imagine the embarrassment and awkwardness of trying to explain why you are leaving the hotel at 9 pm when you have an important work meeting the next month! And not to mention when you return to the hotel afterwards. If your hotel is located quite a long way away from your chosen erotic massage parlour, then you will probably get back very late. And the buses and trains don’t run all night! But, have no fair – such problems are something that the wonder that is the Escort Service Duisburg can solve, so carry on reading to find out more.

You see, our escort service offers a large array of the most stunning girls who can give you the best erotic massage you have ever experienced. But, where will the massage take place, you may ask? The answer to that is nice and simple – in your hotel room, behind closed doors. That’s right, the beautiful girl of your choice will make her way to your hotel room to give you an erotic massage of your choice (more on that below), meaning that nobody will catch you leaving the hotel to go somewhere else and you don’t even need to leave your room!

You might ask yourself straight away – surely the escort girl will be seen or will talk to somebody in the hotel, which will lead to people knowing why she is there and who she is visiting? That’s something you really don’t need to worry about. You see, the girls at the Escort Service know that confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance. Hence, when they enter the hotel building, they will not speak to anyone – neither the hotel staff at the reception desk nor another guest of the hotel. If the sexy woman you choose does get spoken to, she will pretend that she’s a guest at the hotel. No matter what happens, nobody will find out that she is there to come and visit you in your hotel room as you wait to get touched all over during an erotic massage.

The girls are also used to erotic massage beginners. That is guys who have never had an erotic massage before. We know that it can be very nerve-wracking having a hot escort girl coming to visit you with her oils and magic hands to rub you down and massage away the stress and give you the ultimate pleasure that you have been dying for ages. She will make sure you feel nice and calm before the massage begins. But, don’t worry – as soon as her hands start caressing your body, all your nerves will fly away as you enter in that sexual heaven on cloud nine. As for the girls for themselves – you will be able to see for yourself on the website of Escort Service Duisburg that there are plenty of beautiful and stunning girls and women to choose from. If you love blondes, you will not be disappointed. But that also applies if you prefer a brunette or redhead. From the most gorgeous skinny girls to the most beautiful chubby girls, hot young girls to elegant older women, and everything in between – there is a good chance that you will find the girl of your dreams. Just make sure that you book enough in advance – we don’t want your dream girl to already have been hired by somebody else! That would be such a shame! As for the types of massages you can have, it depends on the girl you choose to a certain extent. Generally, you can expect to be able to choose a standard erotic massage with all the girls, which on average last 60 minutes. The girl will start softly and tenderly, touching you all over with her hands to start to wash away the stress and worries you might have after a long and hard day. Over time, she will try to get more sensual as you get more and more aroused by her touch. As an extra, you can also ask for a ‘happy end’ which means she will give you the ultimate sexual pleasure with her hands until you are satisfied. You know what we mean.

Sensual Massage Duisburg

There are other, more extravagant types of erotic massages that you can ask for, depending on the girl that you choose. Some girls give special bathtub massages. So if there is a big enough bathtub in your hotel room, she can lead you there and you can enjoy each other’s bodies in the bathtub as she caresses every inch of your body with her soft and tender hands. You can even get a more intimate body-to-body massage with some of the sexy ladies. That means she will start with her hands to begin building sexual tension between the two of you. Then, she will start using other parts of her bodies to rub herself on your body – beautiful friction that any man can only dream of until he has an erotic massage himself.
There are other extras you can ask for other than just a ‘happy end’. For example, some girls will offer a type of ‘happy end’, but instead of using her hands as is standard, she will use other parts of her body too, such as her mouth. If you are lucky enough, the girl that you decide to have rub herself all over you might even offer the whole package and will offer sex at the end of the massage – just check in advance if this is OK and make sure you add it on as an extra during your booking process, too.
At the end of the massage, if you want, the girl will simply say goodbye and leave. But, believe it or not, many of our clients enjoy it when his sexy escort stays with him for a while, even after the happy end, to cuddle and chat. It would only be polite to do so, of course! Some men claim that they feel a little vulnerable and shaken after the experience of an erotic massage with it being such a sexual wonderland. That’s why they enjoy it when the woman stays and caresses him a little more, allowing him to cool down after an hour of passion.
Well, that’s about it for the description of what Escort Service Duisburg offers. You can be really spoilt for choice with the service, with so many beautiful women to choose from and a nice variety of erotic massage types to choose from, too. Many clients, when coming back to us due to how happy they were with their experience, often choose another woman the second time round – no two women are the same, and it is amazing how unique and different an erotic massage can be from a different, beautiful lady. So if you have actually had an erotic massage with the service before, then why not choose a different girl this time round?
When you think you are ready and have chosen the sexy girl who will rub herself on you, and you have also decided on the type of massage you would like, as well as any extras you want to add on, then you just need to give the massage service a call. If you are a little unsure on the girl or massage type but know you definitely want to try it out as soon as tonight, then you can also ask the guys on the phone for some hints and tips depending on what your likes and dislikes are – they are happy to help and know that you want to have a perfect erotic massage. They have helped many clients in the past, so let them help you too if you need it.
Well, what are you waiting for? Give to our Escort Service a call now to book your sexy massage with a beautiful girl now! And, as we said above, if you are lucky enough then the girl you want to spend some time with might be free as soon as tonight – but don’t hesitate and get her booked as soon as you can to guarantee your sexy time with her!

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