Erotic Massage Essen

Erotic massages in Essen

Essen is a wonderful little city in the heart of North Rhein Westphalia in the west of Germany. The area is also quite industrial, so there is probably a very good chance that you will find yourself in or near the city on a business trip in the near future. Have you thought about what you want to do whilst you are in the area, other than work? With so much to see and do in both Essen and in the surrounding cities, such as Cologne and Düsseldorf, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your evening, after-work activities. Of course, you could be cultural and check out a museum or art gallery, or you could head to a fancy restaurant or a bar with your colleagues. But have you thought about having a bit of ‘me’ time? And with ‘me’ time, we actually don’t mean just completely by yourself. Erotic massages are becoming a big thing in this day and age, and that is why we think something like that is what you are secretly looking for, even if you just simply don’t know it yet.

Erotic Massage – increase your sexual performance

Erotic massages are great. Amazing, in fact. Not only do they give you the sexual pleasure you so long desire, but it has been found that they also have medicinal effects on your body. Your muscles are rubbed and the stress is released through the soft hands and body of a beautiful woman. It has even been said that erotic massages, due to the general teasing effect you get, can increase your sexual performance with girls back at home. You will be able to last longer and be able to please that special lady back home even more than you do so now. So you really shouldn’t have a guilty conscious when you decide to go get an erotic massage during your trip to Essen.

Massage Salon Essen

When it comes to erotic massages in Essen, you have a fair few choices on where you can go. One example is the obviously-named Erotikmassage Essen which can be found a little on the outskirts of the city. So if you happen to be in the eastern outskirts of Essen, then that place could be an option for you. A further possibility is AYANA – an erotic massage parlour located a lot more centrally. The reviews don’t seem bad online, as does the selection of girls on their website.

However, do you really want to be bothered about leaving your hotel room after a hard day at work to go and have an erotic massage? Sure, maybe the idea seems tempting. But then again, when the massage is over and done with, there is then also the trip back home in the cold. This is where we come into play – at Escort Service Essen we not only have the most stunning escort girls to choose from, but these beautiful and sexy ladies can also come right to your hotel room and massage you there, meaning you don’t even have to step foot out of the hotel to get the sexual sensation you have been looking for. Now, you might be panicking now – but, what if someone finds out about my visit from a sexy massage girl? You will be sharing your hotel with other colleagues, no doubt, so what if the girl speaks to somebody at reception and overhears that it is, in fact, who she is visiting? Well, that is where you need to stop worrying – our girls are specially trained and taught to not speak to anybody when they enter the hotel. They will arrive and go straight to your hotel room (after you have given us your hotel room number), and she will not speak to a single person on her way there. She will act as though she is just another guest at the hotel and will not raise any suspicion, especially from any sneaky colleagues who might tell others about your visit. So no need to worry about confidentiality and privacy – that is one of the most important things we cherish at our Escort Service.

Massage Girl

So, when you have made the right decision and have chosen to have a sensual erotic massage from a beautiful girl in the comfort of your own hotel room, then you need to first choose from our array of hot models. Each girl is unique and will give you a completely unique and wonderfully sensual experience, so even if you have already had an erotic massage with us before, then you should choose another girl and will be completely new and different to you. From blondes and brunettes, skinny and chubby, young and old, we will have the girl of your dreams who will be able to rub her beautiful body up and down you as you are laid down in the comfort of your own hotel bed. As for what kind of erotic massage you actually get – well, you can decide. There are a variety of kinds to choose from. You can go for a more standard wellness massage, where the hot girl will mainly use her hands to massage any stress and worries away and touch you in places that you have never been touched so sensually before. Of course, if you choose to do so as an extra, the massage can end in a beautiful happy end. If you’re not sure what that means – let’s just say you will be satisfied at the end of the massage…

For more extravagant massages, then maybe you would consider a full body massage. With this one, the girl will not only use her hands to satisfy parts of your body. As the name suggests, she will actually use her entire body to make you feel completely satisfied in your hotel room. From her hands and arms, legs and feet, stomach and back and… well, need we go on? We think you understand what we’re saying. Every part of her will touch every part of you… If you want to take things that little further and not just get some hand relief at the end, you can also add as an extra that you and the girl of your dreams go that little bit further with a more intense happy end and she will use her whole body to please you, not just her hands – if you know what we mean.

Book our massage escorts to your hotel room

If your hotel room has a big bathtub, then why not ask for a sensual bath erotic massage? Your girl will run the bath for you and bring some essences for the water to help calm and relax you. When you have both undressed in front of each other, you will be put into the bath by the hot chick as she gently caresses your body from top to bottom. Shortly after, she will join you in the bathtub and carry on her magic with her hands, lips, stomach, and other parts of her sexy body to make sure you have the time of your life – all whilst being in your hotel room and not having to worry about making your way back to your bed later that night with it being right in the next room.

Massage Escorts

Our escort girls only use the best massage oils which provide a nice, soft sensation that is sure to make any man or woman entertained and pleased throughout. If you want, the escort girl will also bring some scented candles or relaxing music to add to the atmosphere – all you have to do is ask (or have some yourself), and the hot girl of your dreams will come prepared to give you the best possible entertainment a man can get after a long, hard day at work.

If this is your first time having an erotic massage, whether with the Escort Service Essen or anywhere else, then one thing we do want to say to you is – it is OK to be nervous! We know the worrying feeling you might have if you have never experienced such an exciting thing before. You don’t know what to expect, and you don’t want to be embarrassing if something goes wrong during the massage. Well, our escort girls have had many first-time clients before, so they know exactly how to deal with it. They will make sure you feel completely calm and collected so you can truly enjoy the sensual adventure they are going to take you on.

“Happy End” Erotic Massage?

When the erotic massage finally comes to end, then the hot, naked girl stood over your vulnerable body is not going to leave you straight away (unless you want her to). She can, in fact, stay with your and comfort you as you let the excitement calm down and the atmosphere cools down as you slowly float down from cloud nine. You see, when you experience an orgasm at the end of an erotic massage, many men say they feel quite vulnerable and weak afterwards due to all of the excitement they have been put through. The sexy girl in your hotel room will stay with you, cuddle with you, and talk to you to put a nice touch to the end of the session.

Happy End Massage

What do you think? Do you think an erotic massage, after reading this, is something that you are longing for after a horrible and boring day at work? Can you not be bothered to actually leave your hotel room and you want a hot girl to come and see you directly at the hotel to give you the time of your life that you deserve? If so, all you need to do is to give Escort Service Essen a call. You need to tell them which girl you would like, what type of massage you would like and also about any extras (such as a happy end or full-body add on where the escort girl uses her entire body to give you pleasure). Then you, of course, need to say which hotel you are currently staying in, along with your hotel room number so that the girl can find you easily and doesn’t need to talk to anybody else in the hotel reception or anyone else on the way to your room. If you have any questions or queries about the erotic massages or the escort girls, feel free to ask on the phone and the guys are really friendly and will try and help you and give you advice where they can. So, what are you waiting for? Book your sexy erotic massage now before someone else hires the girl of your dreams!

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