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Bonn is found in the west of Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia. It is quite popular for exhibitions and conferences and lies on the beautiful river Rhine. With a population of over 300,000, making it Germany’s 19th largest city in terms of population, you have a lot of choice to find a cute prostitute or escort in this wonderful city. So carry on reading to find out more information!

The Red Light District in Bonn

When it comes to a specified red light district in Bonn, you should head to Immenburgstraße. This street is perfectly found right next to the Bonn West train station, so you can easily get there by train. And that actually reminds me about something I should mention before I continue about prostitution in Germany. You see, in many countries, perhaps the country you are from prostitution is illegal. The good thing about Germany, however, is that prostitution in Germany is completely legal. So in case you were wondering why this post is so openly advertising where to find prostitutes, then now you know! Prostitution is allowed, and so there are areas that really take care of the girls. That means that you can have a good feeling when you go and find a hot prostitute in Bonn, to have some fun with or in any other city in Germany for that matter.

Anyway, in the red light district on Immenburgstraße, you can also find a place called Eros Center, with the house numbers 17-21. Eros Center is a brothel and I’m telling you that there are some really hot prostitutes who work here. You can find it on the corner of Karlstraße. At this brothel, you can expect to pay around 30 to 50 euros for a 15-minute session with a sexy prostitute, but just make sure you make it clear in advance with the girl of your choice how much you are planning on spending on her and what she is, therefore, going to give you for the money. It would be pretty rubbish if you paid a lot of money and then received a service which you don’t really find that fulfilling, wouldn’t it? So make sure that doesn’t happen!

Finding street prostitutes in Bonn

If you’re looking for a street prostitute in Bonn, then you don’t need to look far at all. There is a whole area dedicated to street prostitutes in the red light district, as described above, on Immenburgstraße. In this area, there is a really cool parking lot where the beautiful prostitutes can park up. Each parking lot has an emergency alarm and the whole area is supervised by security officers. I was nicely surprised by this – it makes me feel better about the hot prostitutes there, knowing that at least they are also safe in the area and I’m not just exploiting them.

Each of the six parking spaces is surrounded by wooden walls so you can have your privacy with your chosen babe. The prostitutes also have access to washrooms, so you don’t need to worry about a girl being dirty after she had a guy before you. There is a pick-up zone between Am Dickobskreuz and Karlstraße which is used by street prostitutes. As for prices you should expect to pay, you can generally expect the prostitutes to be cheaper than those in brothels. However, the general sex skills of the girls are not so good compared to girls in brothels, and you can expect girls in brothels to be a bit sexier and attractive. So it’s your choice about what is more important to you – money, or sex with a really hot prostitute (I know what I would pick…).

Going to a strip club in Bonn

When it comes to strip clubs in Germany in general, then be warned that you shouldn’t expect something as innocent as typical American strip clubs that you see in the movies. In Germany, the strip clubs are a hell of a lot more hardcore, because you don’t just get a hot lap dance from a gorgeous babe, but you also get to take her to a private room in the strip club (or sometimes even back to your hotel room if the strip club allows) and “love” her like crazy. Girls in these kinds of strip clubs tend to be extremely kinky and are up for trying a lot of things, so they get a big recommendation from me to you.

As for examples of strip clubs in Bonn, there are a few you could check out, including Top Secret (Erzbergerufer 7), Club Kleopatra (Belderberg 4) and Club 111 (Bonner Talweg 111). Take a look at their websites to see exactly which is the perfect one for you in terms of girls and prices, or if you’re in Bonn for a few nights, then why not do one per night?

Escort Service Bonn

Rather have an escort than a prostitute?
Let’s be honest: prostitutes can be really hot and sexy and you can have a great time with one. But what if you could have something a bit more personal? That’s where the idea of escorts come in. An escort model is a hot girl that you pick in advance from a selection online and you hire her to come and meet you somewhere. Of course, you can have hot and passionate “fun” with her as soon as she arrives (just don’t forget to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door). However, it’s also possible and even common to take her on a dinner date or to a bar to have a chat with her and get to know her a little bit.

I have the perfect recommendation for you when it comes to finding an escort in this city, and the company is called Escort Service Bonn, which is by far the best escort service from this area. They have so many hot escort girls to choose from. Like blonde girls? Then you can find her here. Prefer brunettes? Yep, they have them. White, black, Asian, fat, slim, tall, small, young, old… whatever it is that you find really hot in a woman, you are bound to find that type with Escort Service Bonn.

One really good thing about the Escort Agency is that the service team are always there to help. So if you can’t decide on a woman or where to take her, you can ask for some advice. Of course, you can see all the information of each call-girl online next to a picture of her, but still, it’s sometimes good to chat about these things to make sure you are making the right decision and you haven’t missed out anything important. So if you want to find a cute escort for your free time, then I really do recommend that you use Escort Service Bonn. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

Now it’s time to plan your fun!

I hope you found this post useful to you and that you can therefore find a good prostitute or a pretty girl (or, hey, why not both if you’re visiting for a few days?). Bonn truly is a beautiful city with loads of potential to find the woman of your dreams for a night of sex and passion, or if you choose an escort girl for a dinner date… followed by the sex! So go ahead and plan your time in Bonn! Have fun!

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