Prostitutes in Krefeld: Hints and Tips

Happen to find yourself in Krefeld right now or in the near future? Do you fancy a bit of fun with a sexy prostitute or a hot escort girl? Well then, you have found your way to the correct website! Take a look at our hints and tips for finding prostitutes in Krefeld.

So, where is this city exactly? And what are the rules on prostitution in Krefeld? If you don’t know much about the city yet, then it’s a good idea to gain some knowledge about where Krefeld actually is so you can plan your visit well (just in case you fancy visiting another city nearby). As you are most likely aware, Krefeld is in Germany. It is located in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia of which Duesseldorf is the capital, which you might have heard of. Krefeld has around 225,000 inhabitants, making it a pretty decent sized city, and it is located to the left of the River Rhine.

When it comes to the rules of prostitution, you have nothing to worry about. Germany allows prostitution. That is, it is not illegal. You can, therefore, come to Krefeld, or any other city in Germany for that matter, and have as much fun as you want with prostitutes and escorts without worrying about doing anything illegal. Because of the law, prostitutes in Germany are generally treated very well, making it a very good country to come to in order to find a hot prostitute to have some fun with without having a guilty conscience.

Does Krefeld have a red light district?

Yes, it does! However, it is quite a small one, pretty much concentrated down to one brothel. This brothel is called Eros Center and it is found on Mevissenstraße 70. It would be a pretty long walk to here from the train station (around an hour), so your best bet is to either take a car or order a taxi. There are also a few buses too, such as the buses 076 and 077 which stop at Kapuzinerkloster (a 10-minute walk away). The Eros Center, also known as the “Erotiktempel” (in English: erotic temple) has a variety of hot prostitutes to choose from. It’s a popular chain, with other brothels being in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden which are south of Krefeld. You can therefore expect a good service as it’s not just a one-off as they try to keep their reputation high.

You can book a room for 90 euros and have some hot experience with the prostitute of your dreams here. Each room is plain and simple, but everything you need for a hot and sexy night. Each room, of course, has a bathroom, too, so you can wash yourself off afterwards. There is also a TV in each room so you can relax a bit with a prostitute from Krefeld before having something fun with her.

So if you are looking for a private room to have sex with a sexy prostitute, and you don’t mind going there by car or bus from the train station, then Eros Center is definitely the perfect choice for you! Of course, there is also the opportunity to go to another city nearby. Some nearby cities have exceptionally larger red light districts, for example Düsseldorf and Duisburg, both of which are just a short train journey ride away (about 20-25 minutes to both).

Are there any other places I can have fun outside of the red light district? Yes, don’t worry – there are indeed other places to go to outside of the red light district. But don’t get too excited – there aren’t that many places. However, if you have to stay in Krefeld, then you have a bit more choice than just the Eros Center if that doesn’t tickle your fancy (although it really isn’t a bad choice!). Here are some examples:

Bangkok Asia Massage Parlous (Oppumer Straße 35). As the name suggests, this place is a massage parlour with specialised Asian masseurs. Of course, there is an option for a happy end with a massage at this place. However, this place is more about a naked Asian girl massaging you, but you don’t exactly get to touch her back. But, if that’s not a problem for you, then go ahead and try out a massage with a happy end here!

Sweet Vibrations (Mariannenstraße 33). You won’t find much information about this place online, but you can tell by the name that it sounds a lot of fun! It has a much more central location compared to Eros Center (just about a 7-minute walk from the central station). Why not get their phone number online and give them a ring to see what they offer?

Blue Movie (Hochstraße 11). Blue Movie is a sex cinema (which is “Sex Kino” in German). This sex cinema has a mixture of both straight and gay movie screenings and is open 9 am till midnight from Monday to Saturday and from 12 pm till midnight on Sundays and bank holidays, meaning it’s a good place to go to regardless of the day you fancy having some fun. It can be found just a 3/4-minute walk away from the central station and it was completely redecorated in 2012. In fact, it’s been around for more than 30 years! So if you like the idea of a Sex Kino, then check out Blue Movie in the city centre of Krefeld!

Escort Service Krefeld

What if I would rather hire an escort in Krefeld?
As you can tell from above, Krefeld doesn’t exactly offer the biggest selection of places ever to find a hot prostitute. Unless you have time and energy to go to a nearby city like Düsseldorf or Duisburg, then you may have a problem finding somewhere you are comfortable with and finding a prostitute you find really attractive.

Well, that’s where the option of hiring an escort girl comes in. And I would say the best escort service in the city is definitely Escort Service Krefeld. With loads of really cute girls and hot escort models to choose from, you are bound to find someone perfect for you whilst browsing their website. You see, I like the fact that you can take a look at the selection of escort girls in advance online. That way, I not only see how attractive they are, but I can also find out some information about them, such as age, height, weight and, a very important factor, sexual preferences. I can also see what they like to eat and drink so I know where to take them on a dinner date if that’s what I want to.

That’s because with an escort girl you can go for a casual date to a restaurant or bar and get to know her a little bit better before you decide on what you want to do with her. That’s what I like about Escort Service Krefeld – you have chance to break the ice before worrying about what to do with her and if you want to do anything with her at all after dinner. Of course, you can also hire an escort to come directly to your hotel room or wherever else you are, if all you are looking for is a bit of hanky-panky with a cute girl. So if you want an escort, try out Escort Service Krefeld! Recommended by yours truly, a customer of the amazing service.

To finish things off,

So, as you can tell, there is definitely chance to have fun with a prostitute in Krefeld with a small selection of places to go. However, if you prefer escorts, then you also have the option to get in touch with and hire a cute escort from Escort Service Krefeld, where you perhaps have a better chance of having a good night with a really hot girl you like. No matter what you end up doing, I hope you have a brilliant time in Krefeld. Don’t have too much fun though… ah, hell, who am I kidding? Go and have fun with as many girls as you want! You do deserve it after all!

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