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Oberhausen is located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is in the west of Germany. Oberhausen is found right between the well-known cities of Duisburg and Essen. It is pretty much located about 12 kilometers from both cities. Something ideal about coming to Germany, in general, to have some fun with a cute prostitute is the fact that prostitution is actually legal in the country. So what you are doing is completely legal and you can’t get done for it, which is great news for those of us who love to have a good “fun” with a sexy prostitute from Oberhausen!

But, anyway, you’ve stumbled across this post probably because you are looking for hints and tips on how and where to find escorts and prostitutes in Oberhausen. Although it’s not such a big place compared to other nearby German cities, with a population of around 200,000 inhabitants, Oberhausen still has a lot to offer for those of you looking for a good “fun” with a pretty escort or prostitute.

Oberhausen’s Red Light District

You can find the red light district of Oberhausen on the street called Flasshofstraße and it is just a short walk away from the central station. You just need to leave the train station area from the right and go onto Friedrich-Karl-Straße. After that, turn right onto Hermann-Albertz-Straße and you will find Flasshofstraße, the red light district, on your left. On Flasshofstraße, you can find a variety of places in which you can have lots of fun with some hot prostitutes, including strip clubs and brothels. More information as to specific places can be found below if you keep reading.

Oberhausen doesn’t have the biggest red light district ever, but if it suits you, then that’s great! However, if you are looking for bigger red light districts with a bit more going on, then I recommend you go to a nearby city like Duisburg or Cologne. Another important point to mention: street prostitution is not at all common in Oberhausen. So it is best if you go to the red light district if you are looking for a prostitute, otherwise, you probably won’t have much luck at all if you just search the streets at night.

Brothels and strip clubs in Oberhausen

Brothels in Germany, and thus Oberhausen, are just as you know them – you go in and find a prostitute to have some fun with. As for the prices, you often have to negotiate with the prostitute in advance, so make sure she doesn’t try to scam you by getting lots of money out of you for only small acts.
Strip clubs, on the other hand, aren’t quite as you would expect. We all know the typical American-style strip clubs where you can go and buy a beer, get a lap dance from a hot prostitute and put some cash in her bra or pants. Well, in Germany, strip clubs are a lot different – you see, in German strip clubs, you can go in, buy a beer, see lots of hot prostitutes, but it’s normal for you to then pick a prostitute you have taken a fancy into and then go and take her to one of the private rooms provided to love her and have other kinds of fun with her. It is also possible to take her back to your hotel room, too, depending on the strip club (check in advance with the club you go to if that’s your plan). So when you go to a strip club in Oberhausen, be ready to get much more than a simple lap dance.

Here are a couple of examples of places in or near the red light district where you can go and find a hot prostitute:

Haus Eden/Eros Center (Flasshofstraße 32/34). Eros Center is a brothel with 32 rooms, and Haus Eden is more of a hotel with 32 rooms. Both places are run by the same people and pretty much the same place. All the available rooms are extremely clean and all have bathrooms, including a shower and toilet. The décor is really nice, so it doesn’t feel like a standard run-down brothel. They even serve breakfast until 2 pm, how awesome is that?! You get daily room cleanings and everything!

Rote Meile (Flasshofstraße 38). Rote Meile is another brothel which provides extremely hot prostitutes in really good conditions – clean rooms and lots of useful equipment (such as shower and toilet in each room). So there is also a really good choice for a place to find a hot prostitute to have some fun within a nice, clean and calm environment. As for prices – discuss in advance with the prostitute! And don’t be a fool and pay too much for little!

Sex Cinemas in Oberhausen

Sex Cinemas are a big thing in Germany, and Oberhausen has two really good sex cinemas (or “Sex Kinos” in German) to enjoy. The first is Blowmax, located on Ruhrorter Straße 9, and the second one is Höhepunkt Sexshop and Gay-Kino, located on Nohnstraße 25. I can definitely recommend the second one – it can be found just a 5-minute walk away from the central station. It has both a straight and gay cinema (so if you fancied experimenting, then you can also try the latter if you wanted…), and there are cabins with glory holes and darkrooms. There are also lockers at the till so you can put valuable belongings in there before going to have fun with someone.

Escorts in Oberhausen

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It’s OK, I get it – sometimes you don’t really want a prostitute because of how impersonal it can be. You find a girl, have “fun” with her for a set amount of time (usually 15 or 30 minutes) and before you know it, you’ve come and you’re leaving already. That’s where escorts are that little bit different – you can take an escort on a dinner date in advance of any private time locked away in your hotel room. That way, you can get to know each other on a more personal level before truly committing to a “fun” session with your hot date.

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That’s all from me!
Thanks for reading this post about escorts and prostitutes in Oberhausen. I hope you now have a good idea on where to go when you come to Oberhausen and fancy a bit of fun with a hot prostitute. From brothels and strip clubs to the Escort Service Oberhausen, you have a lot of choice on finding the girl of your dreams for some hardcore sex. So, I hope you have a lot of fun!

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