How to find prostitutes in Wuppertal?

Wuppertal is a city located in western Germany in the state of North Rhine-Westfalia. It can be found to the south of the state’s capital, Duesseldorf. Wuppertal has a population of 350,000 inhabitants, and so it has enough to offer to have a good time when you visit the city! Perhaps you are visiting this charming city for work purposes, or you just want a weekend getaway to let your hair down and find a nice prostitute or two to have some fun with. If that’s the case, then you’ve certainly stumbled upon the right website. Read this post to get some hints and tips for finding a prostitute or escort in the city of Wuppertal.

Germany’s Rules of Prostitution

There’s one thing important to mention before looking into where to find a hot prostitute in Wuppertal, and that is Germany’s law on prostitution. But don’t worry, it’s good news – prostitution is actually legal in the whole of the country, which includes things like brothels, so you can be sure that you don’t have to try and keep things discrete (unless, of course, you would like to) as you are not doing anything illegal by finding and having fun with a prostitute in Wuppertal or any other city in Germany.

Wuppertal’s Red Light District
Although Wuppertal does have a red light district per se, there have been rumors of it has died down in recent years, meaning you’re not always guaranteed to find a prostitute there. The district is located on Wesendonkstraße 16-18, which can be found on the corner of Hofaue. It is close to the famous Schwebebahn, which is an overhead monorail and one of the highlights of the city. But, as I said, don’t be too disappointed if you don’t find anything there. You can keep on reading to find out about other ways you can find a prostitute in Wuppertal tonight or this weekend!

However, just a side note – you could always head to another city nearby if you want to check out a lively red light district. For example, you could visit Duesseldorf, Cologne (in German: Köln) or Essen. The same applies to street prostitution in general. If that’s more your thing, then try out another city. Wuppertal is better known for its brothers and strip clubs, as you can read below.

Brothels and Strip Clubs in Wuppertal

Brothels are just as you would expect them – you go inside, find a prostitute, and have some fun. Just make sure that you the price is discussed in advance because we would hate for you to have to pay a lot for a rubbish experience. Getting scammed by a prostitute is not unheard of, so make it clear what you want in advance so the price can be cleared before you both start having some fun.

As for strip clubs, don’t expect typical American style strip clubs in which you pay for a beer and a lap dance and nothing more. The Germans really know how to do a strip club, let me tell you that! In German strip clubs, you can get a beer and have a lap dance by a hot prostitute, but it’s common also to take her to a room in the club or take her back to your hotel room with you to have some fun. Some places in Wuppertal are in the form of sauna clubs, and others are known as FKK clubs, which means that the girls walk around completely naked, apart from footwear. So make sure you take a good look at your options before you commit on which place you are going to go to. Examples of some good brothels and strip clubs in Wuppertal include Club 165 (Hofkamp 165), Hotcats (Bendahlerstraße) and FKK Atlantica (Deutscher Ring 40).

Sex Cinemas in Wuppertal

In Wuppertal, there are also many sex cinemas for you to go to and enjoy. Some examples include Novum Erotik (Hofkamp 19), where you can find a total of ten sex cinemas in one place. Open every day 10am-10pm apart from on Sundays, there are straight and gay cinemas with sex-swings, gangbang movies and beds. It costs 12 euros to enter which really isn’t bad when you consider everything that you have on offer. Another amazing sex cinema, or Sex Kino as the Germans call it, is called Beat’s experience cinema porn cinema and Gaykino, found on Höhne 2-4. Here you can find a mixture of gay and straight people, with glory holes, condoms, showers and towels provided. It costs just 10 euros to enter and that even includes two drinks. So why not check it out?

Escort Service Wuppertal

Finding a prostitute in Wuppertal, although exciting, can be pretty dull if it takes a long time to find the woman of your dreams. We’ve all been there – going into a brothel and not quite finding a prostitute who we like the looks of, but still going for it and not having as much fun as we could do with someone we find really hot. Well, if you’re worried about that happening to you in Wuppertal, you can always hire an escort girl. That way, you can take a look at the girls online in advance and actually pick one and hire her, ready for when you arrive in Wuppertal. Sounds great, right?

One Escort Service that is known for having amazingly hot escorts is called Escort Service Wuppertal. They have a wide range of escorts for you to choose from: from tall to short, blonde to brunette, fat to slim, German to Asian, black to white… you are going to find a girl that ticks all of your boxes. One of the things I like about hiring an escort compared to finding some prostitute in a bar is that you can meet the girl in a public place for some dinner if you want, just as a way to break the ice if you are a little bit nervous about meeting her and fucking her immediately. Of course, you also don’t even have to fuck her at the end of the day at all – perhaps you just want a hot girl to hang out with and have dinner with? Also possible with our Escort Service! Or maybe you are not bothered about getting to know her on a dinner date or at a bar? That’s also fine – then just hire her to come straight to your hotel room or apartment and let the fun begin! Don’t forget to hang out the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door 😉

Escort Service Wuppertal has a brilliant service. When you get in touch with them to hire a girl or just to enquire about it, the guys will help you choose an escort if you are having problems deciding. They can tell you exactly what each girl enjoys doing (which you can also find online), making your choice a lot easier. You can even ask for suggestions for restaurants and bars if you want! Why not check out their website?

An Ending Note

Now that you’ve read this post (thanks for reading it, by the way!), I hope you now have a good idea of what to expect when you get to Wuppertal, whether for work or personal reasons. Now you know a few of the places you can go to after that work meeting to wind down and have some fun, and you know you can rely on the Escort Service Wuppertal if you would rather hire a girl to come and have some fun with you directly in your hotel room. Let me know about your experiences – it would be great to share some hints, tips and ideas when it comes to finding escorts and prostitutes in Wuppertal!
Enjoy! 😉

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