Languages:English, Italian
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Blue
Height:169 cm
Dress Size:34
Favourite Drink:Vodka, Champagne
My sexual preference:French Kissing, Girlfriend Experience*, loving tenderness, sexual seduction, Travel Companion, French eroticism, “A” Levels/Greek (sensitive gentlemen)*, go out frivolous, Role Play & Fantasy (soft dominant / soft submissive), Striptease, Rimming (receiving)*, sexy lingerie, high heels, meeting couples*, bisexual duo dates*, visiting erotic events, Massage, shower together, sex toys, Foot Worship, Deep Throat, Dirty Talk (situationally), watching adult movies, Companionship, Alibi Escort, Dinner dates only, Safer sex, additional eXtra´s

Your Roleplay Escort Girl

Role-playing is by far my favourite thing to do. That’s why they call me the hottest roleplay escort girl in Germany! Not only am I sexy, but I also love acting and playing a role in the bedroom with a hot guy, such as yourself. You can call me Marina, by the way. Let me give you an idea of what kind of roles I like to play and how I can be your very own roleplay escort girl…

One of my favourite roles to play is the classic teacher and pupil. Imagine that: I’m in your class, but I misbehave or I haven’t done my homework. In other words: I’ve been a very, very naughty roleplay girl. And you know what happens to naughty girls? They need to be punished. And that’s when you come in – you, the big, strong teacher, need to teach me a lesson and punish me just as you see fit. But is it really punishing if I enjoy it too? Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out – you need to meet me, your beautiful roleplay escort girl, and test out your acting skills.

Of course, we can also swap the roles completely, if you would rather be dominated by a hot roleplay escort girl like myself. You could be the naughty boy, I could be the teacher. Or we can leave that idea and I could be the policewoman who arrests you for committing a crime. Just imagine that. Hot, right? We can come up with an idea together of how to let our imagination completely run wild and have some fun just one-on-one in your hotel room. I’m happy to try out some new things too, if you have any ideas. Just let me know!

You may want to try out some role-playing games with me in your hotel room, but perhaps you’re a little bit shy and would rather to get to know me a little first? That’s not a problem, of course! Why don’t we go for a meal to break the ice in advance? That way we can get to know each other without and pressure of being in a room just the two of us. I love all kinds of food, so I’ll let you pick! I mean, we could always start the soft side of role-playing out in public – a lost woman comes across a man who wants to help her find her way home… via a restaurant and his hotel room. Gosh, I really do love role playing! You too?

So, am I the perfect roleplay call-girl for you? If the answer is yes, then you need to get in contact with my Escort Service to hire me. Don’t worry if you don’t have any roleplaying ideas at first – I have a lot of experience in that field and will choose something fitting if you have no preferences! I can come and visit you in any major city in Germany or Europe.
So have I been a bad girl or have you been a bad boy? Let’s meet and find out…

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