Your Dominatrix Escort Girl

Sit down, buckle up and get yourself ready – because this dominatrix call-girl is going to dominate like never before. I am Sarah and you need to stop looking right now if you are looking to be dominated by a dominatrix escort girl. I’ll control like however I want, wherever I want – and there’s nothing you can do about it. But first, a little about what we can get up to when you’ve finally booked me from this Escort Service:

If you’re afraid of being dominated straight away by me, then don’t worry your pretty little head. We can go for lunch or dinner first to test the waters. Though, being a dominatrix girl companion, I’ll choose where we go for food. I guess I’ll take your wishes in consideration though, if you behave. So if we go for a meal, we can see how good we get along. Don’t worry, I may be a dominatrix escort girl, but I won’t be embarrassing in public (not unless you want me to) and I’ll wait until we get back to the hotel room before my dominating side completely reveals itself.

Going for a meal isn’t the only thing we could do before we head to your hotel room. I love going shopping, but also going to the cinema and local museum exhibitions, so we could go and have a look at some of those. At least then we’ll have something specific to talk about, if you’re worried about sitting face to face with a hot dominatrix escort model over a meal. I would say not to worry and that I don’t bite, but my mother always said I shouldn’t tell lies…

After we’ve been for a meal or gone to a movie or whatever it is we go and do, we can then head back to your hotel room if you feel comfortable with me. Then I can really show you why they call me the hotel dominatrix escort girl in Germany! Before you know it, I’ll have you dominated and begging for mercy. But I don’t give up that easily. You better do everything that I say, or else you’ll be punished. And you wouldn’t want that now, would you? Good boy.

So if you are ready to be dominated by a dominatrix girl, then call the Agency right now before someone else books me. I may be dominating, but I’m flexible when it comes to where I come and meet you. I can travel to any major city in Germany or Europe within reason. I would especially appreciate it if we could meet in a major city in Northrhine Westfalia, such as Cologne or Duesseldorf. That’s easier for me to get to, and I can also be with you quickly. So you wouldn’t have to wait very long before I come and dominate you in the bedroom.
Call now and get ready to have the time of your life with me!