What exactly do men want or expect from escorts?

Escorts with experience

With years of experience, at hand in terms of offering good fun for discerning gentlemen over their arranged dates, Ambra Lancetti, who is the agency manager of Dusseldorf, literally shines through every single day. For her, “It is a very unique job that has winners on both sides – we are all so happy. From us, to our customers and our escorts, every day is a happy day! We offer a service that has fun, interest, and desires all merged into one to deliver a totally personalized experience to our customers”.

The public perception of escorts is wrong

If you think that escorts are those raunchy, street call girls, then you are wrong. Although the services offered by escorts resemble those by prostitutes, there is a whole lot of difference amidst the two. These are not your regular sex partners, who would just get laid, take the money and go away. No. Escorts from top of the line Dusseldorf agencies offer a remarkable experience in social settings that is sure to remain etched in your mind forever. These are, to put it best, the finest companions for all sorts of social events – from companions to secret lovers, these sensational girls offer it all!

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The best part about taking escorts as companions is that they are extremely discreet. No matter what you reveal to them; your darkest secrets or naughtiest fantasies, these girls are forever going to keep it a secret – but in turn, they expect you to keep their secrets, particularly their identities, safe too!

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