Your redhead model

Hey there, handsome! Thanks for coming to my page. My name is Rose and I am the redhead escort girl of your dreams. A lot of men like brunettes and blondes, but it looks like you’ve got a good taste and want a red hair escort girl to escort you around the area you’re staying in. Let me assure you: you will not be disappointed with me!

I’m the perfect redhead call-girl for you if you fancy going on a date in a fancy restaurant or even something more casual. There’s nothing better than an intellectual conversation over a beautiful bottle of wine and exquisite food. No matter what you fancy talking about, I’ll make sure I pay full attention and contribute to the conversation. Not only can I be sexy and intellectual, but I’m also up for a laugh with a cute guy. I’m also not picky when it comes to food, but feel free to ask me what I fancy for dinner to truly spoil me.

If you’re a man who would rather get down to the business behind closed doors, then don’t worry – that’s also on my list of favourite things to do. Just let me know where you are and I can come and visit you. From office to hotel room, I can come and see you wherever you are to enjoy a bit of personal, one-to-one time with you. This red hair escort girl (redhead) has a lot of tricks up her sleeves when it comes to bedroom action, so why not let me show you what I can do? Or you can let me know what you like, too, and I’m very happy to comply. From sensual massages to something a little dirtier, I’m happy to please you in any way I can. Let’s order a bottle of champagne to the room to in order to get the party for two really started!

If you’re not one for dates or bedroom action, then that is also fine by me! Why don’t we hit the town and go see the latest blockbuster at a local cinema or a gallery at a museum? We could even go shopping together or hit some of the craziest club nights. Just you wait until other people catch eyes with us as we walk down the street together. I bet all of them will be jealous of you with such a beautiful red hair call-girl by your side!

So, what do you think? Could I be the redhead escort girl ( red hair ) of your dreams? Well, there’s only one way to find out! Give the Escort Service a call and ask for me and let’s paint the town red, go for a nice meal, or just meet up in your hotel room for a bit of intimate action. I can come and see you in many places, including Cologne and Duesseldorf, or any other major German city.
What are you waiting for? Get dialling!
See you soon!


Your beautiful Escort Girl

Well, don’t you look handsome and ready for some action! Thanks for stopping by on my page. I’m a beautiful escort girl and I can be hired to have some fun with you. You can call me Nicole. I live in Northrhine Westphalia, meaning I can come and visit you in major cities in the area, like Cologne, Essen, Wuppertal and Duesseldorf. But first, before you decide to choose me, let me tell you a little about what I enjoy doing with my clients.

Let’s start with the sexy stuff – I admit, I just love having fun with a guy in the bedroom. What girl doesn’t? Because of that, I would love to come and meet you directly in your hotel room. I will make sure to be discreet, not speaking to any of the hotel staff, because I wouldn’t want anybody to know about the sexual and intense adventure you about to venture on with a beautiful call-girl like myself. I would love to dance for you, give you a massage, and other naughty things that I won’t write about on this website (we can talk in more detail when I’m with you in your room). We can also make use of room service – let’s order some wine or champagne to get the juices flowing. It will surely only benefit us later when we move further down the bedroom sheets to a place you will never want to leave…

Stepping back a little, we don’t actually have to meet in your hotel room (at least, not right away). If you would rather get to know me first, or if you have no interest in sexy stuff at all, then I am also happy to still accompany you wenjoyser you would like to go! We can go to some beautiful place together – like a bar, club or concert. Or, if you’re a guy who enjoy quieter places, how about a quieter bar, or even somewhere like the cinema or a museum. Wherever you want to spend time with a hot and beautiful girl, I will be happy to join you and keep you as happy as can be!

We can also go for a meal – a candlelit dinner in a beautiful 5-star restaurant, or somewhere more casual, like a typical German restaurant. I’m happy to go anywhere! (Though, of course, a girl with style like myself would prefer the former…). The conversation is bound to get flowing once we’ve had a few drinks. Many of my clients have told me how friendly I am and how I can always keep up a good conversation. So why don’t you try me out on that? And remember, if you want to, I am always happy to come back to your hotel room with you afterwards, if you want…
So now it’s time to call the Escort Service and book me, your very own beautiful escort girl. As I said above, cities in Northrhine Westphalia are cities I can get too quickly, though, to a certain point, I can come and visit you in any major city in Germany of Europe. I really can’t wait to meet you to see what you want to do with me!



Your petite escort girl

Well, it looks like you’ve found the page of the cutest and hottest petite escort girl in Germany. Congratulations! Let me introduce myself: my name is Betty and I may be small, but you know what they say – big things come in small packages! If you are looking for a cute petite escort girl to spend some time with, then your search ends here.

As for what we can do together… well, we could go for a meal in a romantic restaurant, just the two of us. We could order some wine, have a wonderful 3-course meal and chat about everything and anything, from politics and arts, to calmer subjects such as celebrities and our hobbies. I’ll let you lead the conversation, because you’re in charge of what happens on the evening after all! What kind of food do you like? If you don’t know much about the city you’re in, I could recommend a restaurant according to what kind of food you fancy – so don’t worry if you don’t know many places! If you don’t want to go for a meal, then we could go to a special event together. I’m talking a film at the cinema, an exhibition at a museum… something like that! Or we could go shopping together, or even grab a drink or two in a cool and hip bar in the city. Whatever it is you fancy doing with a petite escort girl by your side, then I can accompany you wherever, just let me know before we meet what you have in mind.

After a meal and/or drinks and spending the day together, some men like to call it a night straight away and say goodbye. After all, we’ve enjoyed the time together and had a great time! However, sometimes I get in the mood to go with you back to your hotel room. You know, you can show me your fancy hotel room, we can make use of the room service and order a bottle of wine or champagne, and we can get a bit more intimate with nobody looking at us. That way, I can prove to you what I mean when I say that big things come in small packages. You’ll be surprised how I can change into a sexual beast once we get into it. So let me show you what this small package has to offer for you… I promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

If you have decided that I am the perfect petite escort girl for you, then don’t hesitate and book me! To do so, just call the Escort Service and ask for me. I have been known to be very popular among guys, so don’t wait too long. Whether you’re in a major German city, such as Duesseldorf or Wuppertal, or even in a major city in Europe, I’m sure we can try and work something out as to where we can meet. So hurry up and get calling, before someone else books me!
Can’t wait to see you!


OWO – Oral Without Escort Girl

Hey there. Nice to see you made it to my page. I’m an (owo) oral without escort girl and I am happy to comply with your every wish and need to make sure you have an amazing time with me, wherever we end up a meeting. So if you’re looking for an oral without (owo) escort girl for a bit of fun, either in the sexual sense in the bedroom or rather in the social sense out in about in the city you’re in, then I can promise you that you’ve come to the right place. Read on more to find out about me, Kate, your perfect (owo) oral without call-girl.

Fancy going on a romantic date? Then choose the restaurant and let’s go! I’m a classy girl who can wear whatever fits to the restaurant you want to go to. Looking for something posh and classy? Then I can wear a hot dress to make everybody’s head turn. More of a casual man looking for a casual and cool restaurant? Then I can fit my looks to that! Just let me know where you want to go and we can go together and have a great time over a bottle of wine and fantastic food. Afterwards, we could go and paint the town red, or just head back to your place for a bit of intimate fun

So, I mentioned painting the town red. By that, I mean going to a nightclub or going to bar for some drinks! This (owo) oral without call-girl loves getting a bit tipsy with a man by her side, so take me with you to the local nightclubs and bars for a great night with me! I’m sure everybody who lays their eyes on us will be extremely jealous of you when they see you have a hot girl right by your side. Not only do I love intelligent conversations, but I also love having a laugh in an informal environment. So I can be your perfect (owo) oral without escort also outdoors in public.

Of course, if you’re looking for an (owo) oral without companion, then there’s a good chance you want to get straight down to business in the bedroom! Don’t you worry your pretty little head – I am up for some action in the bedroom if you are. We can either meet directly there to get straight down to business, or we could head there after having a great night in a restaurant, bar, or wherever else after we have got to know each other a little bit. So what’ll it be? It’s your choice!

Now it’s time to book me for an intimate yet fun experience with an (owo) oral without model. Just get in touch with the Escort Service and ask for me, Kate, and I will get myself ready for a fun night with you. I’m happy to travel to any major city in Europe, particularly in Germany, such as Duesseldorf, Cologne, Essen, Bonn and Wuppertal.
See you soon, handsome!


Your horny escort girl

Hi there. My name is Jolie and I am an extremely horny escort girl based in Northrhine Westphalia in Germany. Because of that, I can come and see you in any major city in the area, such as Duesseldorf, Cologne, Wuppertal or Essen. In fact, I am also happy, within reason, to travel to any major city in Germany or Europe. But, obviously, the further away you are, the longer it’ll take me to get to you. So choose wisely…

But what about what you can do with me? Well, here is a list of things we can do together:
First, we could go for a romantic meal, just the two of us. If we are in a city in Northrhine Westphalia, then there’s a chance that I will know my way around and will be able to recommend a few restaurants in the city. Just let me know what kind of food you like. Of course, you can also pick a restaurant in advance – I would prefer that, because I love a guy with surprises… And the more I’m satisfied, the hornier I get. I guess that’s the positive side of a horny call-girl like myself – it’s so easy to turn me on!

Another thing we can do is go for a drink in a bar, or perhaps something a little more casual, such as walk in the park, a trip to the cinema, a visit to a museum… you name it, and this horny girl companion is happy to join you. So what kind of things do you like doing? Are you an art gallery guy? Or more of a concert guy? Whatever it is you want to do, I am happy to join you.

But what if you don’t want to go for a meal or go to an event like mentioned above? Well, that’s where option three comes in. Of course, they don’t call me a horny escort girl for nothing. I can come and visit you in your hotel room to let the animal inside me go wild with you. Just tell me what I should do in the bedroom, and I will happily comply within reason. I can dance for you, undress for you… I’m getting horny just writing this actually. So if this option is the perfect option for you, then you better get ready for me, your very own horny escort girl. I can’t wait to get my hands on you…
But, yes, where was I? If you want to hire me, then please get in touch with the Escort Service to book me. As I mentioned above, I can visit you in any major city in Germany or Europe within reason – the closer to Northrhine Westphalia the better. You better be quick though – I am very popular among the boys, so if you’re not quick enough then someone else might book me faster! So hurry!
I’m really looking forward to meeting you and showing you the true meaning of a horny girl…


Your bisexual Escort Girl

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Melany and I am one of Germany’s most beautiful bisexual escort girl. That means, of course, that I not only like having fun with a man, but also I like having some sensual experiences with other women. That’s every man’s dream, right?! Read on to find out what you can do with me, your very own hot bisexual call-girl.

First things first, for me, it’s not all about having fun in the bedroom with a guy or girl. If you want to, I also like going for nice meals to get to know each other a little bit. I’m a big fan of Italian food, but to be honest, I’m really not that fussy at all when it comes to food, so I’ll let you pick. We can go for some food, grab some drinks, and the whole date can be an icebreaker before we decide how we want to proceed with the evening.

One option we have on how to carry on enjoying each other’s company is to go for more drinks in a bar and maybe even go clubbing together. I’m a huge electro fan, but, as with the food, I’m very happy for you to decide where we would go! If you’re not a huge fan of clubbing, then we can go for drinks in all kind of bars, or maybe even do something completely different, like go to the movie theatres or an art gallery. What are your interests? Where would you want to go? Wherever it is, I am happy to accompany you to the place!

After we’ve had a nice meal and/or gone clubbing or something similar, then we can always call it a night and make our own ways separately home. But you know what else we could do, and what I want to do? We could go back to your hotel room and enjoy a bit of private time together. And remember when I said I’m a hot bisexual call-girl? Well, you could always hire another bisexual escort girl so we can enjoy the experience as a threesome. I mean, I do love both men and women – and do you want to have two hot female escorts with you in your hotel room? I’m sure you do! Or you could at least try it out to see what you think (you won’t be disappointed, I assure you!).

What do you think? Do you fancy trying it out with a bisexual girl or two? Go on, you know you want to! And, as I said, we can always meet for a meal or somewhere more casual before you completely make your mind up about what you want to do with me (and maybe a second girl, too). When you’ve made your mind up, call the Escort Service and ask for me. I can come and see you in cities like Duesseldorf, Cologne, Essen, Wuppertal… and basically any other major city in Germany or Europe within reason.
Can’t wait to have some fun with you and another hot girl! Melany


Hot Escort Girl

Hi there you handsome guy! Welcome to my page, and thanks for clicking on me to find out more. My name is Veronica and, as you can probably tell from my picture, I am an extremely hot escort girl who is ready to have some fun with a guy. Of course, escorting doesn’t just mean fun in the bedroom – it can mean so much more if you want it to. So have a read of my page to find out some of the things I enjoy doing with guys like you.

One thing I love doing is visiting events with cute guys like you. From the cinema and museums to concerts, bars, gigs… you name it, I will love it and would love to accompany you! I also enjoy quieter things, like walks through the park with ice cream, sitting on a bench and chatting the afternoon away. Don’t be put off when loads of people start giving us jealous looks due to your beautiful and hot call-girl – it’s quite common that people get jealous when a guy has a sexy girl next to him. So what do you like to do out and about? Are you a keen concert-goer? Or maybe you like going shopping? Just let me know and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.

Perhaps we could also or instead go for some dinner together? What do you think? I’m a huge fan of Italian and Thai food, but, to be honest, I’m really not a fussy eater at all so am happy to accompany you wherever you would like to go! We could share a starter or dessert and get a bottle of wine to share too. You know, that might get us in the mood of sharing things – and you could share more personal things with your hot escort girl if you take me back to your hotel room afterwards…

And that brings me to hotel visits. I can either come to your hotel room with you after we have got up to something out and about, like a meal or something like that or if you’re more of a direct and discreet person, then I can come and see you directly in your hotel room. Just tell me the name of the hotel and your room number, and I will come and see you without speaking to anybody so nobody will have a clue. So nobody will know that I am your own personal hot call-girl who is about to spend the night with you in bed… I’m getting excited just thinking about it actually!
If one or more of the above things sounds like something you would want to do with a hot escort girl, then you need to call the Escort Service and ask for me to book me. I can come and visit you in any major city in Germany or Europe. So why are you still sat there reading this? Go and book! I really can’t wait to see what you want to do with me…


East European Escort Girl

Hey there, cutie, and welcome to my page. I’m so glad you found your way here. I am called Alessia and am here ready to be your cute East European escort girl. I’m originally from East Europe, as the name suggests, but now I live in Germany. Northrhine Westphalia, to be precise. That means I can come and see you in cities like Düsseldorf or Cologne, or Essen or Wuppertal. In fact, I can actually come and see you in any major city in Germany or in Europe – you can just expect me to arrive quicker in Northrhine Westphalia, of course.

With me, your gorgeous East European escort girl, right by your side, you can go to a big event in the city you live in or are currently visiting. Examples include movie premieres, shopping events, Formula One, concert and gigs… I do not mind, so long as I am with you and can enjoy your company whilst you also enjoy my company. Depending on where you choose to take me, I will make sure I dress to impress – fitting myself to the event so I don’t look too tacky but don’t look too fancy. So you worry about where to take me, and I will worry about the rest. Got any ideas on where you want to take me?

If you’re not into big events like the ones I mentioned above, why don’t we go for a meal, just the two of us? Just you and your cute East European escort girl. We can check out some of the local cuisine (German food is delicious! But I do miss my food from back home in East Europe…) as well as some local beers and wines. I do love a good beer! But I love wine too – so you can decide what we drink! We can talk to each other about our lives, politics, music, art… I don’t mind. I’m just here to have a good time with you, so you can pick the topic that makes you feel at ease with me. How about we go back to your place after the meal or the event, depending on where you choose to take me? We could go to your hotel room and undress, enjoy each other’s company, maybe even enjoy each other’s bodies… just make sure you hang up the “Do not disturb” sign outside your door. We wouldn’t want anybody interrupting our hot and passionate action in the bedroom now, would we? Besides, I want to be in the right frame of mind as I give you pleasure that you’ve never felt before… I can’t wait for that! And I don’t want to be disturbed when I do it!

If you have decided that I am the perfect East European escort girl for you, then please get in touch with the Escort Service and ask for me. As I said above, I can come and see you in any German or European city, but Northrhine Westphalia is ideal for travelling.
Can’t wait to meet you soon!


Your verbal erotic model

Hey there, you sexy man. Welcome to my page. I am called Rebecca and I am what you could call a verbal erotic escort girl. To find out exactly what that means, you are going to have to read a little bit more below. Let me tell you a few things I like doing with men such as yourself, starting from the nice and calm things and ending with the reason they call me a verbal erotic model.

Going to the cinema with a guy is something I enjoy doing. We can watch the latest blockbuster and then go for drinks afterwards to talk about the film. It gives us a common talking point so we won’t have any awkward silence – although, to be honest, I have been told many times that I am a good conversation starter, so you don’t have to worry about anything like that. I also enjoy doing other things with guys out and about, such as going for drinks in bars, going clubbing in nightclubs, going to museums, concerts… the list goes on and on!

One particular thing that I always enjoy doing with a guy when I first meet him is to go for dinner with him. So why don’t we go for some food together to break the ice? You can pick what kind of place we go to – we can share a bottle of wine or champagne and order some delicious food whilst talking about whatever you want to talk about. Perhaps during this meal, you might get a hint of why they call me a verbal erotic call-girl

So, what does it exactly mean to be a verbal erotic model? Well, basically, I love the use of my mouth during fun time with a guy. And I don’t necessarily just mean physically, but I also mean speaking – there’s nothing better than dirty talk during a sensual moment with a guy. From being cute and innocent, to being more tough and insulting, I can do it all and I love it all. Do you love talking whilst you’re having fun with a girl too? Maybe you like being insulted like a little slave by a tough woman such as myself. If that sounds like exactly the thing you are looking for in an escort girl, then you really don’t need to look any further – because you have found your perfect match right here on this page.

Call the Escort Service now to book me. I can come and see you in any major city in Germany or Europe, including cities like Duesseldorf, Cologne and Bonn. Just let the Escort Service know where I should come and meet you and what you would like to do with me – of course, you can ask for me to come straight to your hotel room to be verbally abused my your very own hot verbal erotic call-girl, or we can go for a drink or a meal beforehand to break the ice before the real fun begins…
I’ll be seeing you soon…


Big ass escort girl

Well, hello there, you gorgeous man! How are you doing on this fine day? I’m going to guess that you have come to my page because you like big butts and you cannot lie? (Ha, I love that song). But on a more serious note: yes, I am a nice girl with a big ass. And I know how exactly how to use it in the bedroom. So are you a man who likes a sexy ass? Then keep on reading to find out more about what you can do with me and my big butt.

First of all, just because I am a big ass escort girl, it does not necessarily mean that I only want to spend time with a guy in his hotel room or bedroom. Oh no! I also enjoy other things, such as going to the cinema, to museums, going for walks in the park or going to bars for a drink or two. I always find it relaxing knowing that I can get to know a guy before spending some private time with him in his hotel room.
One thing I really enjoy doing is going for a meal with a guy. I just love fancy restaurants! I am a huge fan of Italian food, but also love all other kinds of food. So why don’t you let me know what you enjoy when it comes to food and we can have a look around and find the perfect place for us two? We can share a bottle of wine and have starters, mains and dessert. But don’t order a huge dessert – because this companion has something up her sleeve (or, well, something big in her pants) that will surely knock out any sweet tooth. And that leads me to going to your hotel room for a private time, just the two of us. Either we can head there after we have been out and about in the city, or, if you want, I can just come and meet you directly in your hotel room.

Don’t worry, me and my sexy ass will make sure our visit is completely discreet – we won’t speak to any hotel staff as we make our way to your room. So just let us know the name of the hotel and what your room number is, and then get ready to have the time of your life. I just love showing guys my big ass and what I can do with it – so why don’t you get comfy and get ready for the big show? If you want to spend some time with your sexy ass escort girl, then you needn’t look further – because you’ve found me! I can come and see you in any major city in Germany or Europe. I live in Northrhine Westphalia in Germany, so if you are in any cities in that region, then my journey to you will be quick so you won’t have long to wait.
So stop reading, and get dialling the number of the Escort Service so we can arrange a date!