I have limited the output of models to only 5 models (a single row) for demonstration purposes only. Adding the attribute models_per_page="5" will limit the display of models to the number you specify.

Example of limiting the output to 10 models would be [display-models models_per_page="10"]

Display Models Carousel

Display models models in a carousel.


Display models of any single category

Display models from multiple categories

To display multiple categories and all categories comma separated to the cat attribute. Example:

Disable reviews icon & tool tip

This will not disable the reviews for the model but will only hide the reviews icons. The model reviews can be enabled or disabled from the models profile page in the admin section.

Show model name only

This will show only the models name

All Available Parameters for [display-models] and [display-models-carousel] shortcodes:

Parameter Example Details
author [display-models author="paul"] Displays all models published by Paul. Comma separate multiple authors.
cat [display-models cat="blonde"] Display all models categorized as Blonde. Comma separate multiple categories.
id [display-models id="9"] Display specific model(s) by id. Comma separate multiple id’s.
order [display-models order="DESC"] Order the output in Ascending or Descending order. Must be in all caps order="DESC" or order="ASC" default is “DESC”
orderby [display-models orderby="rand"] Specify what the models are ordered by.
All orderby parameters:

ID – Orderby the model id’s. Note the capitalization.
author – Orderby by author
title – Orderby by model’s name (title).
date – Orderby by date.
modified – Orderby by last modified date.
rand – Random order.
comment_count – Order’s the models by popularity.
models_per_page [display-models posts_per_page="15"] How many models to display. Defaul is all models.
reviews [display-models reviews="false"] Removes the rating and reviews.
added [display-models added="false"] Removes the time when the model was added.